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Global warming refers

Global warming refers to the overall increase in temperature in earth’s atmosphere and oceans. It is largely caused by human activities which have had adverse and catastrophic consequences for the climate and the environment. It is also feared that the melting of ice is causing the oceans to expand leading to a drastic rise of the sea level. This means that low lying islands could disappear, displacing many people who live there.

High risk areas like Bangladesh, Calcutta and the Netherlands are likely to suffer firsthand from the effects of global warming. Increase in temperatures intensifies storms, floods and droughts leading to extreme water shortages the world over. For instance in the Himalayas, glaciers that feed several rivers have disappeared. Animals have also been affected by this drastic environmental change. Animals whose habitat is in the ice lands like polar bears are at risk of losing their livelihood.

High temperatures also cause some disease causing insects and organisms like mosquitoes, ticks and fungi to spread quickly. Global warming has long term effects which are likely to severely damage the human habitat as the changes attributed to global warming are taking place very fast. Even though the earth is warming, scientists do not really know the exact causes and its effects, because global processes are quite complex and cannot be fully comprehended by the human mind.

When we look at human activity and the large population in cities is contributing to temperature increase. This is slightly different in the rural areas where population is less and industrial activity is minimal. Global warming has been witnessed in the coast of Alaska where high temperatures have changed the weather and icing of the Chukchi Sea has changed from end of October to end of December. This was also the case in the Northwest Passage which was open due to warming in 2007.

Global warming has been aggravated by the greenhouse effect which is a mixture of gases like methane, water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. The use of fossil fuels like coal and oil has also added to the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases. Domestic animals that produce methane and nitrous oxide after digestion are also contributing to the greenhouse effect. Apart from human activity, it is also believed that natural warming has also caused global warming.

Atmospheric activities like sunspots and solar flares have an effect on solar energy output. Natural warming is also caused by the earth’s orbit around the sun affecting the earth’s distance from the sun. Volcanic eruptions and the changing of oceanic currents are also to blame for global warming. With increasing fear of what consequences are in store for humankind due to global warming, scientists have designed models to try and find out these consequences.

Some of these models involved different scenarios like unrestricted greenhouse-gas production, business as usual and severe restraint and recorded the different results. As a result of these experiments various measures have been suggested in order to slow down the process of global warming. They include nuclear power generation, limiting fossil fuel emissions, introduction of environmental friendly machines and implementing stringent rules and penalties on those who do not observe these measures.

Even though these models can not be 100% accurate, there are some human activities that need special attention if planet earth has to be protected from danger. Deforestation which refers to the felling of trees should be replaced with a forestation, urbanization and congestion in the cities should be decentralized and animals that are on the verge of extinction should be preserved. Addressing other root causes like human greed, self interest, ignorance, apathy and inept government is also of paramount importance in dealing with the issue of global warming in its entirety.

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