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Globalization and the Importance of World Religions

Globalization can be defined as the increasing flow of products, people, money, and ideas across the globe. National economies are being swept into the global economy. One can thus think of globalization as rushing through four channels, freer trade goods; freer mobility of labor; freer investment; and freer communication, thanks to telecommunications and the Internet (Brecher & Costello 389). Globalization brings greater production. The global expansion of trade and enterprise has brought vast benefits. Think of a firm manufacturing T-shirts for a market of two million people, say, a small city.

Then the company decides to export to China. It then faces a potential market of one billion Chinese. Expanding the market not only bloats profit. It also allows the firm to produce in much greater volumes. That drives down the cost for each T-shirt. In the end, even the original local city benefits from the lower prices. Globalization also gives access to world culture. Products and ideas from abroad provide Americans a richer cultural menu. We taste Japanese sushi, Chinese cuisine and many others. Globalization even inspires solidarity. Because nations are more interconnected through globalize media, we get to feel each other’s pain.

A CNN broadcast draws sympathy for India’s earthquake victims. Religion is a man’s expression of his acknowledgement of the divine. Throughout the ages and throughout the world, people have been baffled by the unknown and the mysteries of life for which they have no ready answer. Religion in all societies, whether preliterate or modern, has more or less institutionalized ways in which individuals and groups express their awe of the unknown and by which they satisfy their sharply felt needs for adjustments to and communion with the supernatural realm.

Knowledge of World Religions is necessary to working in a globalized world so that an individual may know how to respect other’s tradition, beliefs and practices as progress is happening. We cannot deny the fact that there will be great changes as globalization is concerned and having the knowledge of the World Religions will keep one from stepping onto other’s faith. I am a Christian and I believe that through religion, I have learned that there is God; the God who created the universe and I am his masterpieces.

But his existence has been questioned for many years now whether he does exist or not. Doubts and disbeliefs reign in others’ minds because of lack of knowledge in knowing God. Religion plays a vital role in helping us to know our Creator; thus, many religions are coming out because they want to help the mankind to know about God. Like the family and the economy, religion is a universal and pervasive phenomenon, a part of the cultural system, because it is assumed to meet some basic need of human being.

Religion is an integrated part of human experience and shows remarkable continuity through time. Personally, religion has a significant role in my life. It helps me know who my creator is. Through religion I can be able to know the words and the ways of God. Yes, I do have religious convictions. My principles and philosophies in life are guided with the teachings of my religion. I have faith in my religion because it helps me to do what is right in the sight of God; thus, it helps me live life wisely by loving and putting God first and love my neighbors as myself.

I am taking World Religion’s class for it is a required class and I would also like to broaden my knowledge and education, especially regarding the religions of the world. Through this class I will be able to develop more concern and respect towards the individuals surrounding me, because I will be more sensitive to their views and outlooks in life. As I take this course, I expect and hope that I could gain more knowledge about world religions and be able to apply it.

I hope to learn more of the beliefs, practices and faith of other religions aside from Christianity for I am very curious about it. This World Religions subject is beneficial to me as a Fine Arts Major because it will develop or create in me the awareness or sensitivity towards other people especially when I will face the real world and do my job in the future. Reference: 1. Brecher, Jeremy, and Costello, Tim. Global Village or Global Pillage: Economic Reconstruction from the Bottom Up. Boston, MA: South End Press, 2004. Radical critique of recent patterns of economic globalization.

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