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Globalization & people

The vast capabilities of human potential have given drastic changes as far as human relations are concerned, because of this, the secluded kingdoms and hostile dynasties prevalent among early civilizations have evolved with more cooperative tendencies spawning the concept of globalization. In a first glance, globalization may appear as another phenomenological upheaval similar to the cultural revolutions during the midle ages, but globalization differs in such a way that it manifests effects in other endeavors such as economy and politics along with culture.

The contemporary changes all over the world are blatant illustrations that globalization is a current, cliche as it may appear to most people, but the phenomenon of globalization like everything else affects the general public in a disadvantaging way. Amendments and changes in political structures, economic policies, and cultural norms give negative implications that look as if there is a bigger agenda at hand.

What is more unfortunate in the modern age of globalization is that most of the changes and amendments tend to benefit those in power while promising advantages to the unsuspecting general populace, and those who have the legal capabilities to make changes manipulate the system to their advantage. In this regard, the general public suffer through economic and social conditions as a consequence of system manipulation. It is therefore of vital importance to scrutinize globalization in order to discover the true effects of its rather

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