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Go Green at the Office

Dear Sir or Madam: Good day! I am writing to inform you about going green at the office and its numerous benefits not only to the whole company and its employees but also to the environment. I am providing four examples with which you and your company can review and apply if you deem them to be appropriate and worth it. Going green at the office is important because it helps the environment and at the same time minimizes the cost that the company spends on its bills.

It is also a way to promote the values of a company because going green would show that it is concerned about the environment and will show the public its compassion and care for its surroundings. The first option that I will be providing to you is to maximize computer usage and efficiency. This can be done by setting computers to energy-saving settings. It is also helpful if companies buy desktops that are already equipped with energy saving settings so that employees do not forget to manually set their computers to power saving mode.

It is also advisable to turn off everyone’s computer at the end of each working day. This would save the electricity bill that the company would have to pay each month. In addition to this, turning off computers can lessen the harmful effects that computers give to the environment. Employees should set their computers to go to sleep mode when taking their breaks. Many people also do not realize that screensavers are waste of energy. Although having a screensaver is quite entertaining, employees’ work performance would not be affected if they remove their screensavers.

On the contrary, this would even make them concentrate even better. As mentioned above, it is advisable for companies to buy computer equipment that are environmental friendly. It is known that computers that were made in the past contained harmful substances and material that affected the environment and even the employees when exposed for long periods of time. Recycling is also another way for companies to save and help the environment. They should make sure to gather old peripherals and equipments that are not being currently used so that it can be sent to proper recycling facilities.

Another method where companies can go green at the workplace is through proper usage of paper. We all know where paper products come from and this is from trees. The more paper products man use in their everyday activities, the more trees that are being cut down to compensate for the demand of supply. This would increase the likelihood of floods and other natural disasters because there would be not enough trees. As such, it is important for companies to remind their employees to use paper wisely. They can save by having paperless communication, which is done through emails and instant messages.

Not only will this help them save trees but this would also save them the time and effort of writing on paper and sending them to their recipients. If they do need to print something that is not that important, it is suggested that they use scratch papers instead of new ones. They can also use the back of old printed papers for them to write on. Papers should only be used for formal presentations, meetings, and letters so that the company can save money on the cost of paper products. The third option that I would like to point out and suggest is to teach your employees to print smarter.

This is related to the option above wherein people are suggested to use paper minimally. Many employees tend to use and abuse their office’s printer by printing unnecessary documents and eventually throwing the paper. Also, knowing how to print smart will enable the company to save on the cost of ink products and other printer utilities. This would also save on electricity bill. Employees should only print documents that need to have a hard copy. Other than that, everything should be done in the computer and files should be saved on portable drives so that they do not need to carry around papers and documents.

The last option that I would be suggesting is for your employees to consider carpooling when going to the office. This does not really affect the company directly but it would be a great way to help the environment because it will lessen air pollution. It can also help improve the problems in traffic because this would lessen the number of cars on the road. Carpooling will allow the employees to save money because they only have to share with the others to pay for the cost of the service. It saves gas and reduces the carbon footprint that people produce.

Having someone else to drive you would also save the person’s energy, which would lead to better work performance. The person would not be stressed from the traffic on the road and can think of the issues at the office while inside the car. Carpooling will also make a person more efficient because it can teach proper time management since he or she will have to adjust to the other people inside the car. It also allows the worker to bond with each other and promote a healthy relationship inside the office.

Carpools are fun and employees will have the chance to get to know the people in other departments whom they do not normally interact with. I believe that we, as members of the society, have a responsibility to the environment since it gives us numerous benefits. The recommendations above are only a few of the possible things that companies can do to help improve our environment. There is no doubt that the environment is slowly deteriorating and if we do not act now, we might face the consequences sooner than we have expected.

Going green at the workplace is not that difficult to accomplish, which is why I strongly suggest that these recommendations be applied. Also, the company should not limit itself to the above mentioned suggestions. It should broaden its horizons and think of even better ideas to contribute to improving the environment. With that being said, I would like to thank you for your time in reading this letter. I look forward to hearing from you about my recommendations. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information on the matter. Yours faithfully, Name

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