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Gold in North America

Although there is not much of Gold in North America, I think it is one of the most valuable resources there is in the North. Being one of the most in demand mineral all over the word, the United States of America does not need to depend on other countries and continents in producing gold. Even if these mineral is limited and not all part of the region possess this, the fact that it is visible and the region can produce it is already a big thing.

When it comes to the economy of the United States of America, there is a big assurance that they don’t depend on gold alone but gold being a very important mineral helps the economy to be stronger. The question on how this one is being formed depends on the process it undergoes. All ores undergo a process thus gold might undergo a placer process wherein a layer of conglomerate which lies in a hammer head was before a layer of loose pebbles from the bottom of a shallow sea together with the gold ore. This ore took 2. 7 billion years before it was formed thus gold is a very important mineral.

It takes too much time to form making it very valuable but not rare (National Geographic, 475). Discussion Question 2 Non-renewable resource is one among the two kinds of Natural Resources here on Earth. These non-renewable resources usually come from either soil or ground-water. The most commonly known non-renewable resources are minerals and fossil fuel. Among these two, it is hard to choose which one is the most significant when it comes to the impact in our lives but this time, there is a need to choose only one and later defend it.

Although fossil fuel is in demand for the world’s energy needs and takes too many years to form, this is not the most significant non-renewable resource that we will defend on this paper. On the other hand, mineral deposits which are commonly characterized by ores and being harvested by the people or the miners are commonly the most important thing there is at present for the people all over the world. From the six processes that the mineral deposits undergo, each one of these forms copper, zinc, chromium, gold, gypsum and aluminum (National Geographic, 482).

Now, choosing which one is more important than the other, we have to consider several factors such as its importance and usefulness to the whole humanity but both the fossil fuel and the mineral deposits give a very important role to the people all over the world and so we go into another way of analyzing their importance. When we decide to look out of the box and look at the most significant picture and the most appealing one which can relate to the topic, we will fall on the 452nd page of the book which opens the 15th chapter.

In this page, we will see a huge photograph of people climbing the “pedestal” or ladder and in their backs are sack of gold thus we now determine that in this paper and in this argument, we give more importance to the mineral deposits (National Geographic, 452). We must agree that mineral deposits such as gold bring money to a person. The amount of this mineral for the general public and the jewelry market is very huge that even it would mean of danger, people would keep on mining for gold.

Although health and security is at stake, it does not prevent people from mining and looking for more. If this mineral will be depleted, there is a big possibility that those people who have gold mining as their work would lose their job and that the people who uses gold for their products or business might face either bankruptcy or maybe I was just exaggerating but the point here is that losing gold which is one of the most important mineral there is in the whole world might affect the life cycle of the people who depend on it.

Not that this is all about money but the mere fact that one might lose a job, just like a domino effect, it will affect a greater system than expected. This is the same thing with the other mineral deposits such as clay, asphalt, copper, iron and many more. These minerals give a very important role in our everyday lives. Aside from being used as mineral fertilizers, they are also used to form either house, a home appliance and many more. The fact that mineral deposits will be depleted, it would mean of losing the most important minerals we use every day (National Geographic, 471).

At this point, there are new technologies and new discoveries which are being used to prolong the supply of these minerals but we must face the fact that time will come that neither one of this non-renewable resources will be there in our daily lives (National Geographic, 482). The discoveries and technologies are not enough to lengthen their existence or perhaps have them forever. There is a limit for these resources thus we have to accept and face it.

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