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Grad School

Life has always been about making choices. The numerous problems and experiences we have in a lifetime contribute much to the goals and aspirations we may all have. As a child, I have always thought of different ways on how I can make a difference in this world. Service to mankind also came in as a priority, and through the numerous opportunities, I would be able to rise up above the rest and become a successful professional. My name is Rodney Louissaint, and I believe that acquiring my Master’s degree in Geography from the STATE NAME OF UNIVERSITY would become beneficial to my growth as a professional.

Originally, I am from New York City. I moved to California in STATE YEAR to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Geography. The kind of knowledge I gained while in Pierce College allowed me to expand my horizons further. I felt that achieving a Bachelor’s degree in Geography was not enough to suffice my growing quest for more knowledge. To pay for all the expenses deemed by my chosen profession, I had to work harder. Balancing school and work was never easy, but with much hard work and dedication anything is possible.

I remember having my geography professor tell me the numerous opportunities and the wide array of knowledge that the field of Geography had to offer. The diversified knowledge provided would not only come as an advantage, but would also help me to see things that were beyond my reach. In order to become prepared for my Master’s degree, I would give more time and effort in trying to research ideas related to the course that were unknown to me in the past.

In so doing, I also spoke with people who came from the profession and asked for tips on the importance of the said profession. Yes, it was a given factor that I had to make sure that I am able to balance my co-curricular activities with my extra-curricular activities. In this manner, I would be able to develop and improve my craft in all aspects making me a well rounded individual. In so doing, my hopes and dreams in life do not end after commencement.

I would use the necessary information and the rigorous training I received from the institution to improve the quality of work provided in the said field. In so doing, I would also indulge in numerous researches that would help in the improvement of one’s profession, while keeping students and scholars up to date with what has been currently provided. Life is short, and I believe that being given the opportunity to study in a reputable institution, such as your’s, would definitely bring me a step closer to my dreams.

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