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Grant Proposal Objectives Exercise

The primary need is to reduce obesity in children ages 6 through 12. Subsequent needs are to restore public well being which has been compromised by the obesity epidemic. These is also a need to study the populations that suffer obesity and their lifestyle habits. The end of which is to promote social and political policies that will directly address obesity at early ages. Delaying with obesity at an early age should curb the increase in the obese population in successive generations.

The causes of obesity, poor lifestyle habits facilitated by schools, the food industry, and parental lifestyle, will be identified and addressed. Bad habits would be replaced with good nutrition and exercise habits in childhood. That should lead to increased productivity, longer life expectancy, and reduced medical liability when these 6 to 12 year olds become adults. The result is that generational obesity should stop or be significantly reduced to below epidemic levels. Study the lifestyle habits of obese children.

The intended outcome to determine how adults contribute to the child’s obesity. Study the at school eating habits and level of physical activity through physical education class and sports. The intended outcome to determine if children are getting adequate physical activity. Use this information to encourage policy makers to develop and fund a school nutritional plan, a school based physical activity plan, and an at home nutritional and exercise plan that will prevent obesity in children

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