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Graphic Designers

According to the U. S. Department of Labor’s (DOL), online Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008-2009 (18 December 2007), a career as a graphic designer is highly competitive and it requires a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree, a creative mind, communication and problem solving skills and familiarity with computer graphics and design software. To qualify as a graphic designer, one must have knowledge in website design and computer animation (DOL).

In addition, one must have an eye for details, open to new ideas and quick to react to changing trends (DOL). Furthermore, one must be self disciplined, able to meet deadlines and production schedules, able to work independently and under pressure (DOL). Because graphic designing is a competitive field, graphic designers must hone their skills and keep up with the latest trend in computer graphics and design software. First, graphic designers held about 261,000 jobs in 2006 and about 25 percent were self-employed (DOL).

Second, there will be keen competition as employment is expected to grow 10 percent, about as fast as average for all occupations from 2006 to 2016, as demand for graphic design continues to increase from advertisers, publishers, and computer design firms (DOL). Finally, as some computer, printing, and publishing firms continue to outsource basic layout and design work to design firms overseas, employment growth for low-level, technical graphic design workers will be affected (DOL).

Although graphic designing is a highly competitive career, graphic designers could do freelance work while holding jobs in design or in other occupations.

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