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Great Feast of the Bible

Bible is the one that binds together the three major religions in the world namely Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Living thousand years ago was the whole basis of the Bible and one topic that would surely not be left out would be the people’s food. Because most of the lands in the Biblical lands were arid regions, food were scarce and must be worked hard for. People in the bible has started as being herdsmen and then ventured out to agriculture during flourishing times.

According to the Bible scriptures, there were seven good foods indigenous in the Promised Land of Israel. They were wheat, barley, vines, figs, pomegranates, olive oil, and honey. Wheat and Barley were the two prominent grains in the region but only barley were the usually ate because wheat was expensive back then. Vines include raisins and grapes that were used for making wine. Most meals of today’s cultural groups were still similar with the meals that early Israelites probably ate.

The main food, which is usually the bread, was often served with wine. Figs and pomegranates were the two fruits cultivated in the area. Olives then was one of the important commodities for the entire Mediterranean region. Olive trees are mainly for the extraction of olive oil which is used not only for cooking but also for lighting and medicine. Honey being mentioned in the Bible would be assumed to be the honey of bees, but accordingly, it was really the Dates Honey that the Promised Land was rich. Three significant meals were included in the Bible.

The Passover Meal is for the commemoration of Israelites flight to the Promised Land from being slaves in Egypt. In the video, it was said that Jesus had his Last Supper because of the Passover Meal. It was then given a new context because Jesus had used the Passover Meal to make his turning of bread and wine to his flesh and blood. Today, Christians commemorate this part of Jesus life in the communion rites of holy masses.


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