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Group Study Exchange Program

As a professional, the Group Study Exchange Program will lead me to have a chance at studying my field of study in another country. The program will help me expand my horizons and let me reach greater heights, far from what I have today. There are a few things that I wish to gain as a professional from the Group Study Exchange Program. First, this program will help me gain an exposure to a country different than mine. Hopefully, this will become another country close to my heart and will feel like a home.

With this exposure, I will be able to acquire knowledge from a different country and will be able to learn new things such as how their different culture will impact on my field of profession. Second, beyond the square of learning, I will be able to make myself more flexible and tolerable to values different than mine. This way, I will become internationally viable and will help in future careers that I wish to take in the international level.

Especially so that globalization is now a trend and the workforce becomes more colorful than ever, the values of flexibility, respect, tolerance, and adaptability to other cultures are important. Moreover, I intend to enhance my long-term career path with the help of my GSE experience by picking information that is useful and applying it in my work. Moreover, I wish to impart the knowledge I acquired in the GSE experience to my fellow employees and contribute to the well-being of the organization.

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