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Hamlet Was Crazy

Shakespeare wrote a number of stories and fictions that underscore the complex nature of human relationships; his detailed and learned approach to story writing was further ascertained by the writing and lines of the Hamlet.  His lines teach improbable lessons of deep insight and in-depth appreciation of human psychology. They tell of the extreme of lifestyles man can adopt with inimical repercussion on his health and life; they also tell of the pleasure man can enjoy for paucity of time. With respect to the Hamlet, a number of arguments and counterarguments have also emerged on whether hamlet was crazy or not.

Hamlet was keenly concerned about the revenge of his father’s death and he devised methods to achieve this. One of such is the adoption of madness to accomplish the task. That was the primary responsibility that marked his heart through out the story. His primary target was Claudius and he wanted to use madness as an avenue to capture this incredible character.  The play depicted this character as a fellow devoted to fulfilling the desire of his heart-revenge- with that plan, and his acts were totally immersed in this desire throughout the story.  In response to this, every body around reacted that way.

Well, one needs to quickly admit that his thoughts and feelings are quite far from his acts; they were clearly distinguished from the show he tried to put up by acting as a madman.  On a many occasions during the play, this assertion was clearly indicated. And he also struggled with the same.

Really, he had a duty to his father, and as an actor, he used the skills he had to accomplish the task. Assuming madness gave him the rare opportunity to get something and do something he would not have been allowed to do; things he could have been prohibited from doing, he was able to do them. Indeed, he adopted being crazy for his intended purpose; he was not crazy!

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