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Hard Love

Being on my adolescent ages, there are many privileges that I experience. There were many rights I am enjoying plus the fact that I have more nights to hang out with my friends and classmates. The adolescent years gave me changes that also consumed my day and my life. There are more friends, colleagues and also, for instances, foes and enemies. My parents though have given me the chance to explore the joy of being an adolescent who might have physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual changes. I watch a lot of movies and enjoy being with others more than with my toddler years.

We have different topics everyday that makes me feel nourished and knowledgeable at times. Many teenagers, under the adolescent stage experience deprivation. They may be regarded to be rebellious at times that they disobey their parents with trying out some stuff that are out of their bounds. They tend to be immoral and violent. The people who experience great depression during this stage might comment that life is too unfair. There is a sentiment that they do not get what they deserve as a person. More often than not, these adolescents seek for attention making their life as miserable as they can.

Ellen Wittlinger wrote a great novel that tells about a story of a son that longs to be loved. The main character of the story was John who tried to do things that would make him happy. He even fell in love with someone who introduced herself as a lesbian. Maybe, it was entitled as it is due to the hardship the kid got from looking for it in his family. Actually, the book struck me for there are instances that my friends experience the same. There are times when they feel that they are too deprived of love and affection. The book of Wittlinger is an excellent example of adolescent years.

The narration in the book might have a number of factors that deals with the feelings of the narrator. The style of the writer was far more different with the usual novels. Being the storyteller and the character of the story itself is somewhat difficult if I am on that place. The feelings of the narrator are incorporated in the words of the novel. There is actually a bias with the way it was spoken there given that novel. For this matter, there are a number of advices that were indicated here. Whereas the transformation of being the emotional and full of hatred to someone who knows the feelings of a parent.

Some facts of life were also indicated as the main character of this novel ventured on his way to realizing his being. He stated his life with the activities done by a guy, only to realize in the end that he wanted a different side of his chromosomes. The transformation of being a matured individual in the text is a bit difficult given that the texts already gave a mindset that the narrator is somehow rebellious. It is a challenge for every writer to divert the emotion of their readers of being under the spell of the childish boy to the person who seems to have experienced a lot of things in life.

This story really is a good example of the paradoxical narration. When the boy turned out to be someone we did not expect in the start of the story. The story is very inspirational. It tells that there are points of our lives when we need others to realize our inner desires. Being adolescent and a teenager gives us the chance to explore ourselves with every opportunity. What we experience every day might give us the insights that we need to carry over the next generations.

Moreover, for aspiring writers, it is a good practice to try writing on the paradox of narrative authority. With that, a writer might be so creative to lead the readers into different worlds in one story. It gave us the idea that even if love is sometimes unfriendly, there will be a right time for it to unfold leading us to the place where we really belong.


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