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Having to work and to study at the same time

Time is of essential to anyone, especially for people who has a lot on their plate. One good example for this is having to work and to study at the same time. More so, studying for a post graduate degree where expectations are greater and the demands for a quality academic output are higher. Since we are humans, our lives don’t just revolve on school and the offices that we work for. We also have family, friends, and other social obligations to attend to for us to able to fulfill our social needs. Juggling these things I just mentioned is not a walk in the park.

It will take a lot of effort to manage your time well. I once read in a magazine advertisement, “How do you choose between career and family? The answer is you don’t. ” I very much agree to the meaning the advertisement would want to convey. I don’t really have to choose between my family and my career. It goes the same for studying, working, and spending time with family and friends. All I have to do is plan, strategize, and execute the said plan. I plan to balance everything the best way I can by prioritizing the important things at the moment.

My first advice to myself and to those who are trying to fit the rigors of studying and working at the same time is to avoid cramming. When one crams, everything seems to be so chaotic. There is a great chance that you will lose focus on what you are doing and there is a greater chance of not accomplishing the tasks at hand with an acceptable quality. This first advise is applicable both at work and at school. One good way to avoid having to cram is to focus. I learned this while I was still getting my university degree.

I hate studying long hours before exams. What I did back then was to try to absorb everything that’s been discussed in class. This strategy gave me longer time to rest and to spend time with my friends. My second advice is to plan ahead and anticipate. I strongly recommend this in both studying and working because this helps a lot. This second advice is very much connected to the first one. If you plan and anticipate, you don’t have to cram. I really learned the value of planning ahead and anticipation when I started working.

My boss would always ask for “right away” reports which almost drove me at the edge of my sanity, literally and figuratively. When I decided it must stop, I figured out the things that she might need. What are the month-end reports that she needs? What kind of data does she need when she’s dealing with certain clients? When I started getting the hang of things, it also started to get easier. The last advice is to execute your plans and be consistent. Consistency is a must so that all the planning, strategizing, and previous milestones will not go directly to the drain.

After you’ve figured out the things that are coming your way, be it reports for work or papers for school, you need to do them constantly. Case and point, now that I know what the daily, weekly, and monthly reports are, it is much easier to generate data and do ad hoc reports. With readily available information at hand, you will encounter less pressure from your boss and from your professor. These advices are the things that I think can help me and those people who would want to have a work-life balance.

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