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Hebrew Bible Discussing the value of the Hebrew Bible

The Hebrew Bible is traditionally known as the ‘Old Testament’ and is one that is not only followed by the Jews but also by the Christians. IT is a collection of writing that has recorded several events several centuries before Christ was born. Hebrew was the ancient language of the Jews. The Christians went on to create another portion of their bible which is known as the ‘New Testament’. This portion was not accepted by the Jews. The Muslims have found the Hebrew Bible as incomplete and have developed their own religious book known as the Quran.

Frequently, the Jews are often known as Hebrews, however, there is some difference in both terms. The Jews were known as Hebrews once they settled in Judah somewhere after 539 BC. After this period, the Hebrew language was used less frequently, and replaced with Aramaic. However, certain religious leaders and scholars utilized Hebrew in their religious writings (WSU, 1998). The Hebrew Bible contains information presented in a complex form of the desires, beliefs and laws followed by the Israeli groups. As the Christians do follow the Old and New Testaments, the Hebrew bible seems to be a mystery.

The Old Testament differs a lot from the Hebrew Bible. The English-speaking nations are often unable to understand the Hebrew Bible, although it is uniquely beautiful. Hebrew names frequently differ from Christian names. Newer evidence being dug up in the Middle East and the Holy Land demonstrate that the evidence of history provided in the Hebrew Bible may actually not be very accurate. Carbon dating techniques and other advanced procedures have demonstrated several inconsistencies in the period around which the Hebrew Bible could have been written. Dr.

Tappy from the Pittsburgh theological Seminary considers that many of the writings in the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls may have been based on real life incidents during that period, but have also been appropriately modified in order to suit a religious purpose. As a Source of the work of God and to demonstrate what God wants, the Bible seems to be a very beautiful source. The Bible has closely described the work of God and the nature that we are living in. However, as a source of history of the Israeli people, the evidence provided in the Bible may not be very accurate.

Most of the texts provided in the Hebrew Bible have a very strong and beautiful theological meaning. However, details of historical events provided in the Hebrew Bible may not be very accurate when confirmed through several tests including carbon dating techniques. The people, who wrote the Bible, were often from another age. They might have just had superficial details of the events. Even today, accurate records of the Old Testament are not available. Computers, satellite photos, etc are currently being utilized to gather more evidence on the accuracy of the historical information provided in the Bible (Roth, 2007).

A lot of historical, theological, technical and philosophical information is mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. However, there are a number of Problems in considering the accuracy of information provided in the Hebrew Bible. it can be considered to be primary as well as a secondary source, because the information was taken directly from the people who experienced the events, as well as others who obtained the information from the primary sources. With time, the accuracy of records of the events would be less.

If we want information of a modern event, the records that are present would be very accurate. With the passage of time, the accuracy of the events recorded would be lesser. Studies have shown that the records of the events that occurred in the New Testament is more accurate than those recorded in the Hebrew Bible. The chances of inconsistencies in the text and contradictions between various copies are also higher with time. The Credibility of the writers also needs to be taken into consideration, if the Hebrew Bible is to be regarded as a primary source.

It is important to study the credibility of the writers of each event in the Old Testament. Without education existing during the days of the Old Testament, it may be difficult to presume that the information presented is accurate. Several other sources have been identified which could help cross-check the information presented in the Old Testament. These include the Dead Sea Scrolls, archeological data, traditional information, etc. There may be a difference in various sources and hence, the Hebrew Bible cannot be considered to be very accurate (Bible Study Central, 2008).

To some extent, the Hebrew Bible has been a very good source of information of the Israelite History. However, as a long time has lapsed from the occurrence of history, there seems to be a certain amount of inconsistencies with regard to the accuracy of the information. The Hebrew Bible has to be cross-checked with other sources for the accuracy of the information.


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