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Hedgehog Concept

Being a hedgehog means being able to pursue one important idea with determination and a clear vision of the final goal the person wants to achieve. This is a gift not readily given to anybody. Many people go through their lives as foxes, cunning but concentrated on too many goals to accomplish anything serious. On my part, I hope to have something of a headgehog quality to help me achieve the goals I set myself in this life.

In the first place, I have it in me because I have to this point pursued painstakingly a single career path in this life, choosing Accounting as my major and following my firm intention to make this profession my lifetime ambition. This was not always easy as I was a little boggled by the variety of choices I had at my disposal following high school. I knew I wanted a business career, but what exactly do I want? I needed a brief introduction to all the courses in Business before it dawned upon me that Accounting was my vocation.

Choosing it, I unconsciously applied all the three circles of the Hedgehog Concept if one can think of them in reference to a single person rather than an organization. First of all, with my aptitude for numbers and love of order and coherence, I could really be “the best in the world” in this field (p. 95). Naturally, this task would require more of an effort from me and a long journey to success through the CPA exam and other actions necessary to enhance my competence to meet my ambitious goals.

At this point, however, I have trust in my abilities and believe that it is possible for me to learn to be the best in my chosen profession. Speaking of economic engine, I believe that Accounting is a path toward a respectable income that would satisfy my needs completely. Since this “economic engine” worked for many, I think it would work for me as well. I am committed to doing a great job and trust this commitment to be rewarded with adequate returns. Finally, my chosen major is something I really care about.

A hedgehog cannot be a hedgehog without passion for his or her goal since calculations alone will not do the trick. One has to cherish a deeply-rooted fondness for the subjects one has to investigate in preparation for the chosen activity. I think that working with numbers and arranging them in neat-looking, understandable financial reports is really my passion, and maintaining high ethical standards in the profession can become a worthy pursuit for every young person in our age when corporate activities are so frequently tainted by accounting scandals.

This is where the hedgehog concept applies to me specifically, enabling me to concentrate on one thing, bypassing others. In this sense, I can forgo other interests to concentrate on one field, just as a hedgehog can be expected to do. I think a specific area in which I can be the best in the world with a passion for what I am doing and economic engine to drive my performance is yet to be found. I am still young and only making first steps. After passing the CPA exam, I can find out more exactly what I am really good at.

In any case, I will try to follow my core competencies, doing only things that I can really accomplish at a high level. Being a hedgehog requires commitment to a personal “standard of excellence” (p. 100). In my view, this requires a lot of self-analysis and application of what you discover from this analysis. It takes perseverance and constant curiosity in order to find personal strengths in order to match them with the opportunities presented by the world. This is why I continue to try my abilities in different fields and tasks, trying to establish where my true strength lies and follow the path that is destined to me.

My experiments are not intended to divert my attention from the things that I want to do; on the contrary, broaden my horizons and find out more about my potential. The Hedgehog Concept also requires one to face the often unsavoury reality concerning one’s limitations. I recognize, for example, that I find it stressful to deal with a great number of people and therefore would probably not like being the top manager. However, this realization is only a prompt for me to know where I should or should not be heading.


The Hedgehog Concept. Simplicity within the Three Circles.

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