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High school years

Belonging to a social group or clique in high school is the goal of every student. Movies have always portrayed the pretty girls as the popular ones in the school and the smart kids as the nerds. Although I used to believe these depictions, but attending the Magnet Program during high school opened my eyes to new kinds of cliques and helped me gain respect for the “Magnet nerds”.

The Magnet program has given me an experience to remember. When initially starting Magnet, I was concerned about being classified as a nerd since I was in the center for advanced studies.

However, I soon noticed the different social groups within Magnet. Although all the students are exceptionally smart, there are still jocks, cheerleaders, music geeks, and nerds. As I tried to find my place, I realized that it is possible to not be in a clique and just be friends with everyone.

As I got to know the nerds better, I felt that they were the most fun to be around. I have learned a lot from them over the past four years, and I really learned to respect them. The movies truly portrayed a false image for me.

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