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History and Architecture of Door

A barrier which is used to close a space or entrance or pass way is called door. To make it understand more, we can say it as a barrier which is used to close the entrance of a room or a house. It is used mainly to have privacy and security, and also to limit the access. It can be a sliding, hinged or electronic. There are many other kinds of doors are available today in the market and we can make one according to our creativity, but the most universal one is hinged door. Types of Doors

Doors are also used for many other purposes like to wardrobes and to washrooms, and those that are used at the entrance of the house are generally called as gates. Doors generally have latches and many doors have locks too. This is to assure more security to the occupants. According to Home Improvement Projects (HIP), there are mainly three kinds of doors, which are exterior doors, interior doors, and utility doors. Exterior doors are those which are used at the entrance of the house like gates, or doors. Gates have limited height and they cover the passage horizontally, but not vertically.

Exterior doors will definitely have latches and locks. Interior doors are those which are used between the rooms of a house. These may contain latches and locks and may not. Utility doors are like glass doors in the wash room, wardrobe doors, etc. All the doors are again of different kinds like stable door, blind door, French door, bi-pass door, bi-fold door, conventional hinged doors etc. Uses and Functions of a Door Doors are constructed according to the intended function. For example if the door is used for extreme security, it will be a complete wood rectangular plank one with latches and lock.

If it is intended to produce light we can use glass. If it is to allow air flow, we can use messed door. What happens if there is no so called door existence on this earth? Is it possible to safeguard the valuable articles at home? Is it possible to have a private life? No, it will look like an unorganized society. Without door to a shower room, how will someone take bath? Life would have been a public life that everybody can watch us throughout, whatever we do. And there will not be privacy at all to anyone.

“The human consciousness expanded and became contained within the space of the house. Two critical aspects of the house negotiated entry and exit of consciousness – the door and, later, the window” (Neill. 2004). After the invention of the door only man could see this infinite world into parts and the usage of out-door and in-door was started. Though the houses were built, people did not use to have total security from the animals and other people. Any animal can attack the house and eat someone at home as its pray. Robbers can get into house and steal the valuables from the house.

Origin of a Door Many researches say Egyptians must have invented the first door. They used to make single door or double door, using single piece of wood. The ancient doors used to be made by timber. Though the earliest doors had no color or design, slowly painting and designs were used on them. According to the English Heritage official web site, the ancient door that is existing even today has been discovered at Westminster Abbey following a study by English Heritage with the support of dean & chapter. Architecture Architecture of a door differs from door to door.

It is also made according to the wish and budget of the owner. Most of the houses have just a plain wooden plank type door that is either painted or covered with ply-wood . Few people go for different designs on the door. Some make the designs done on both the sides of the door, and some keep on of the sides plain(the side that comes towards inside the house). The designs vary from simple arts to God or Goddess arts. It is said that probably the outer side of the door which is decorated represent a women with jewelry and the other side as a nun or widow (Druery.

1826, 140). Development Moving with the technology as many vehicles have been invented, they are fitted with the doors considering safety and security. Trains, Buses, Cars, Trucks, and most of the four wheelers contain doors. Aeroplanes also do have doors. Cars and trucks have simple doors, where as many buses and trains use sliding doors. The technology again stepped a bit forward and automated doors have entered the world. Many of the trains, buses and trams are fitted with automated doors. Escalators also have either automated sliding doors, or sliding gates.

Recent doors are also fit with a small see through mirror to make the person inside the house see who is at the door from inside, when someone knocks the door or rings the calling bell. In the developed countries we can see calling system. When someone at door rings the calling bell, person inside the house should attend the call on a provided phone, answers it, and if he/she finds that the visitor is a familiar person, they will give access to the person by opening the door using an electric switch.

Few calling systems have video to, so that we can see the face of the person waiting at the door for the access. Further Information Entrance, gate, way-in, way-out, door way, gate, passage, lintel, gateway, exit etc are considered as the synonyms of the door. They are called accordingly, with the respect of the purpose they are made for. Hinge, Door Closer, Door Handle, Crash Bar, Door Knob, Lock , Bolt, Latch, Cross Bar, Bolt, and Strike are door related hardware.

These are all used to fit the door to the wall, and make it more perfect for security and privacy purpose.


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