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History and Methods of Science

Transportation is one of the main concern of the modern society mainly because of their fast-paced lifestyle and necessities of globalize business establishment. In this aspect, modern society is now trying to connect two distant points in the globe making one global community. However, it is also a common trend that increases in transportation mediums will also increase the pollution level in the environment which is another major concern for the people.

Thus, the modern community is now devising more environmental ways to meet the demand of the transportation while addressing the pollution problem at the same time, the answer: electric cars. Electric cars are basically personal automotive vehicles that are fueled by electricity instead of the commonly used fossil fuel.

These vehicles make use of electric motors and motor controllers instead of the traditional internal combustion engines. Because of this, electric cars produce significantly lesser carbon dioxide emission compare to fuel consumption thus making it more acceptable for the environment needs as this can help reduce the problem of greenhouse effect. These cars are fueled through their Lithium batteries built inside their system.

As expected, electric cars produce significantly lesser pollution however, some parts of this vehicle primarily the battery can posts some environmental hazard if handled and dispose improperly. As the batteries are primarily made of Lithium-based material, improper handling of this power cells can lead to certain poisonous leaks and other problems. However, if considered properly, electric cars are indeed a reliable answer to the pollution problem and transportation needs of the modern society.

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