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History Channel

I have developed a great idea for our next big History Channel series, in which I would like to tackle not only world war one, but also world war two, and in doing so, ,hope to expose those funding both wars, and all factions involved in them behind the scene’s. I feel few people understand our country’s’ monetary system, and by making a series detailing both world wars, and those who funded them, I may be able to shed some light on a really gray area in American history.

First I would like to explain myself concerning my reason for wanting to make a History channel series solely based on both world wars, and who funded them, primarily to persuade those people who watch this falls season will wake up and begin to understand just how ridicules our countries monetary system is. I would like the series to consist of three two hour long episodes, all shot three months in advance, before we air them, which gives me one month per episode for development.

During the first 30 minutes of the first show, concerning world war one, I will use photos and still images, along with censored scenes form both the BBC network, as well as the CBS broadcasting group. I would use only some of the most violent of video footage depicting world war one primarily because it will depict how violent and unnecessary war is. I do not think that actors are needed, but I do feel that interviews with world war one veterans would be appropriate and a lot more cost effective, in making this series; I would like to make it as affordable as possible.

The beginning of the first episode in my series, World War 1, will begin with the “shot heard around the world” of the assassination of Francis Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, duchess of Hohenberg, were shot by Gavrilo Princip (Britannica Encyclopedia, 2008). This scene would use still shots of the black and white photos from the scene of the crime, with the host mentioning its effect in the background.

After showing the root cause of the war, during the last 30 minutes of the show I will show still pictures of those who stood to gain from a world war, wealthy banking families, such as the Rothschild’s, which after the Federal Reserve act of 1913 was passed, loaned massive amounts of money, funding all factions, at interest. After I have depicted the root cause of the war, and shown still photos of those who stood to gain, those bankers funding all factions, I would like to focus the reminder of the episode depicting world war one veterans, explaining there thoughts on there feelings, not only towards the war, but also why it happened.

In the second episode, I would depict World War two, and would invite world war two veterans from America, Germany, and Britain. I have chosen to depict veterans from three major factions in the war primarily because it will give the viewer a sense of how each side felt about the war, the causes, and how they think it could have been prevented. I feel that there is little need for actors to reenact scenes depicting the war, not only for budget reasons, but also because it is unnecessary.

One way to use technology and save money by not requiring my guests to actually come to a studio is to call my guests ahead of time, and let them know what I am doing, once I have received consent, I will set up an online chat with them and prerecord my conversation with them. For example, I will have them connect to the internet and set up a video conference, were I will record myself asking them my questions concerning there feelings of both world war one and two, and there feelings towards those who funded it.

I will ask questions like, “What are your thoughts on the Federal Reserve act of 1913? ” or “What do you think about the banks funding all factions? ” or even “Did you have any friends who died in combat? ” these questions will get to the heart of the matter, as well as give our viewers a greater insight as to how those who fought the wars felt about them. After I have shown the interview segment of the show, I will then use remainder of my time, about 15 min, each show will be an hour in length, showing still images of prominent figures, such as J.

P. Chase Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and the Rothschild’s, and explain the history of the banks in America in the background, starting with Andrew Jackson and his famous campaign slogan “No More Banks” (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2008), and follow up with Lincolns Issuing of greenbacks to fund the civil after refusing a loan to fund the war at a 25% interest rate.

I think that by ending the second show in this manner, I will prepare the viewers for the third and final show about the Bankers and there influence in Europe and America by ending the second segment giving the audience a brief overview of what happened with the banks in our country and stopping at Lincoln and his greenbacks, I will start the third show with the creation of the Federal Reserve bank. I will start the first 30 min of this show with clips from a speech given by J. F. K.

to the American News Papers publishers association, in which he states “We are opposed around the world by a ruthless, monolithic conspiracy, which has conscribed a vast, tightly knit, highly efficient, system of control. ” After which I will show still frame pictures of the congress, and the royal banking families, the Rockefellers and the Rothschild’s, and narrate how the Federal Reserve act was passed by members of Congress on December 23rd 1913, in which in an unlawful act the power to print money was handed over to foreign interests (Mahowald, 1996).

The last 30 minutes of this show will address the covered up truth about the civil rights movement, and what Martin Luther king and John F Kennedy were fighting for and theories on why they were killed In creating this series I hope to enlighten many viewers as to how our monetary system was set up to fail in 1913 and why we need to change it before another terrible war, in which the international bankers will fund, entrenches the world again.


Mahowald, S (1996) She Shall Crush They Head: The triumph of Mary over the New Covenant over secret societies and subversive movements and the One World Government. MMR publishing World War I. (2008). Encyclopedia Britannica. Retrieved April 9, 2008, from Encyclopedia Britannica Online: http://www. britannica. com/eb/article-9110198

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