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Hitler’s Workday, an Excerpt from the Berlin Diary

William Shirer (1904-1993), the author of the monumental The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and other books such as the Berlin Diary: the Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, and the Twentieth Century Journey, had provided us, in the current generation, his lasting writing pieces about his noteworthy life during the World War II. In his Berlin Diary, he had creatively created a clear picture to visualize the political situation in Berlin at war time in particular with the back then Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

In here, I would discuss how did Shirer had describe the infamous leader of all time. Looking ahead… Hitler’s Workday, an Excerpt from the Berlin Diary Shirer started introducing Hitler with I think of little importance or worth knowing about him. The information tasked to Shirer by CBS was to paint a picture of Hitler and with the help of his spies; he had successfully acquired some of the daily habits of the world leader.

CBS requests to Shirer to know someone’s daily activities without his consent especially for such a VIP like Hitler, I think, is quite unethical because this violates someone’s right for privacy, but I could not blame CBS for requesting this kind of information since acquiring a personal life’s details of someone belonging to the enemy’s side during wartime could only come from spies.

The entry of Shirer about Hitler, in my opinion, is somewhat neutral in the sense that he does not portray Hitler, as an extra-ordinary leader, he had then just portrayed Hitler as a leader with a unique combination of qualities a person has a right to choose from. Shirer’s entry of describing Hitler as a person that stays up late and sleeps badly, I think Shirer had given a figurative suggestion to the people why this famous person had then became infamous in almost everybody’s mindset. Except of that last entry, Shirer had described Hitler as someone who eats his breakfast twice, the first one at seven am, the second at nine am.

Shirer had give emphasis to Hitler’s simple lunch, usually a vegetable stew or vegetarian omelet normally with his adjujants, by writing “of course”, followed by saying Hitler is a vegetarian, a teetotaler , and a non-smoker. Hitler normally only intakes Goring, a one-percent beer or sometimes a drink made out of Herve flavored with a little Mosel wine. During spare time, Hitler was described as a film lover, particularly of the comedy mixed with romance genre such as It Happened One Night, which he had insisted to run several times.

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