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Homosexuality and Lesbianism as a social problem

Social problems can be defined as “societal induced conditions that harms any of the population, and acts conditions that violate the norms and values found in a society” (http://www. delmar. edu/socsci/rlong/problems/chao-01. htm). It is not a long time since the debate of homosexuality and lesbianism gained popularity . This has been increasingly discussed in families ,political grounds and above all in churches. Most of religious gatherings will always intrude a topic to discuss how evil homosexual lifestyle is irregardless of the topic the speaker intended to address .

They claim that homosexuality and lesbianism is immoral and sinful . According to conservatisms homosexual pose a great danger not only to themselves but also to the society at large . They strongly believe that homosexuals don’t deserve “special” legal protection since it was their choice to live what they refer to as “unnatural lifestyles”. They always justify their proposal to discriminate homosexuals and to make them pay for their choice of being homosexuals; suffering as long as they live (http://www. lesbian. org/amy/essays/queer-choice.

html) On the other hand gays and lesbians have raised their voices to defend themselves. In United States for instant, the wealthy and those with power have barked homosexuals. This issue has gained momentum even in political matters more that ever before . Lesbian and gays discard claims by religious conservatisms that homosexuality and lesbianism is a wrong choice . They counter argue that it is a biological determined behavior . They claim that they don’t choose to be gays or lesbians but they are chosen instead.

People are therefore left to wonder which among the two explanations is correct . Is homosexuality or lesbianism innate or is it a matter of choice (http://www. exodusglobalamance. org/causesc3/. The social problem therefore arises from these two conflicting views on homosexuality and Lesbians. Most society members think that it is a matter of choice for one to be homosexual or lesbian . On the other hand the homosexuals and lesbians believe that they were biologically and genetically made to be lesbians and homosexuals by nature and it is not their choice .

Since we are all human beings and we must learn to understand and respect other people if we will co exist peacefully how can we handle this issue of homosexually and lesbianism. The fact is that homosexuals and lesbians are increasing everyday all over the world and we cannot avoid discussing about this issue . In fact this is a social problem that need an explanation and should be given all the attention it deserves especially in the modern world today. (http://www. lesbian. org/amy/essays/queer-choice. html Faced with this problem, I personally went out to investigate about the truth of the matter .

I interviewed my parents about this topic who quickly responded to me that being a gay or lesbian indicates that one has a mental problem. When I asked them why they have not responded by adapting to the change, they told to be that God created a man and a woman to symbolize that a person should only have a companion of the opposite sex and being a lesbian or a gay is a sin -it is against Gods will . They have not only refused to accept but vows not to accept lesbians, gays and interracial couples forever. My quest to seek answers to this problem from the society members did not end there.

I interviewed other people from the society and surprisingly it was evident that majority of this people who fall under the category of older generation have still not accepted homosexuals and lesbians. They claimed that lesbians and gays were rarely to be seen and majority doubted whether these groups of people existed in the recent past. I then interviewed some homosexuals and lesbians; some claimed that they knew they were gays or lesbians while they were young. Over 90% of the gays interviewed told me that being a gay to them was innate characteristics.

I found out that these gays and lesbians spend most of their time trying to please the other members of the society to accept them in the society. They have always been associated with drug abuse and spreading of HIV/AIDS. This is however untrue since we clearly know that even bisexuals abuse drugs and also contract HIV/AIDS. It is so unfortunate that the sitcom “queen as fork” portrayed gay men as partier and drug users. As a result of watching this, heterosexuals increased the gap between themselves and both the homosexuals and lesbians (www.

apahelpcenter. org/articles/article. php? ) The question however remains that is it justified that for both homosexuals and lesbians need to prove themselves in the society while it is expected for the society to accept gays and lesbians as they are? It is also discouraging to find out that many officers mistreat gays and lesbians. In the study of social problems there are three main approaches . These three main approaches include the functional perspective, interactionist perspectives and conflict perspective.

According to these perspectives, societies are ever dynamic and people need to adapt to these changes successfully, social problems arise from people’s failure to adapt to social changes. (http://www. bolender. com/Dr. %20Ron/SOC1023G%20social%20problems/units/unit%201%20thinking%20about%20social%20problems%20as%20a%20sociologist/unit%201%20theoretical%20perspective. htm) The Marx conflict theory clearly indicates that capitalism is responsible for increased inequality in the society. Economic inequalities gives rise to classes which are constantly competing for the limited resources in the society.

The theory focuses on conflicts in the society which are as a result of the competing individuals, or groups of people values as well as interests . In a capitalists society the “haves” continues to get rich everyday while the “hove nots” become poorer and poorer . The poverty that has been on the increase all over the world has caused a lot of social problems. Just to illustrate, the poor cannot access good education, basic human needs among others and as a result they become both physically and mentally ill. For them to survive, some people turn to crime and become social deviants.

Among the most rampant problems the world is facing today is homosexuality and lesbianism. (http://www. bolender. com/Dr. %20Ron/SOC1023G%20social%20problems/units/unit%201%20thinking%20about%20social%20problems%20as%20a%20sociologist/unit%201%20theoretical%20perspective. htm Capitalist society always aims to maximize income, profits and minimize expenses . The owners of means of production are always taking advantage of the poor to increase their wealth while exploiting them . Due to the global nature of the economy people have been able to travel all over the world .

(Glassman R, pp137) These migrations have brought people of different cultures together and at the same time weakened the bonds between families and kinsmen. Technological advancement has even made things worse as far as social ties and preservation of culture are concerned . When the “have nots” have nothing else they can use to earn their living, they explore the possibilities of using their bodies instead . Some people become prostitutes. Those who cannot become prostitutes engage in other illegal activities . Another group may need to seek solace by experimenting on their bodies in order to gain psychological satisfaction.

These may turn to homosexuality and lesbianism (Iness S, pp 18). This may be as a result of alienation of the concerned individuals. This alienation result to both powerlessness and meaninglessness in people’s lives. Division of labour has fueled alienation in the modern industrialized nations. According to Marxist conflict theories, capitalism gave rise to social classes. These social classes are always in conflict with each other. Exploitation and alienation then comes in which in turn leads to poverty increase. All these offer a good environment to propagate lesbianism and homosexuality.

To Marxists, the only way to solve any social problem is by eliminating inequality and creating a society free of social classes. Alienation should be eliminated by changing the nature of the work people do. To sum up, Marx was of the opinion that stronger controls must be applied to all corporations to ensure that decisions and practices are based on safety rather than profit considerations. (http://www. bolender. com/Dr. %20Ron/SOC1023G%20social%20problems/units/unit%201%20thinking%20about%20social%20problems%20as%20a%20sociologist/unit%201%20theoretical%20perspective.

htm The following are some changes in public and social policy that must be put in place in order to address this social problem. First and foremost people should clearly understand that nobody forces another to be either bisexual or homosexual/lesbian. To identify one as a lesbian or a gay does not grant you the right to mistreat them in any way. A legal frame work should be put in place to protect lesbians and gays just like any other minority like women and children. The law should guard gays and lesbians against any form of mistreatment exploitation or discrimination.

Declaring a state to be a gay or a lesbian free zone doesn’t mean that there are no gays and lesbians. People should face the truth of the matter and give gays and lesbians the freedom to express themselves. The legal frame work should never discriminate any person against what he/she thinks is his/her right as long as an individual is responsible for his/her own actions. (http://www. lesbian. org/amy/essays/queer-choice. html People should be educated about ways of accepting and living with gays and lesbians. We know that the society is dynamic and we should therefore adjust accordingly to accommodate any social change.

Church leaders should not use the money and the power they have to force their opinions into law. This has caused psychological abuse and led to what can be termed as cultural suffocation . They should also understand that their religion is also a choice where one can identify with and participate in the subcultures there in just as Gays and lesbians do. (http://www. lesbian. org/amy/essays/queer-choice. html) Countries should set a gay’s day or lesbians’ day in order to enable people to understand their gays and lesbians are people like themselves and they deserve to be treated humanely.

Why should we have women’s day or even a day for the disabled and yet we don’t have a guy day or lesbian day? Why is it that gays are not supposed to be part of these who celebrate Valentines Day with the freedom they deserve . Nature has spoken and we should not put the issue of lesbianism or homosexuality undercover and yet we have them in our societies. Conclusion Regardless of the definition of origin of an individual sexuality, the fact is that one chooses to act on a particular sexuality or not.

Choice may be a determining factor in lesbianism or homosexuality but it also seems that biology has something to do with motivating such people in seeking homosexuality or lesbianism especially when great social pressure forces people to exclusively engage in heterosexual relationship.


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