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Hong Kong Community

I am applying to the SWIRE Hong Kong Trainee Program, and I am submitting my resume and this cover letter and application in my quest for admission into your world renowned program. While the resume summarizes my past education and work history I bring a multitude of interests and talents to the program. My diverse and intense educational background includes attending school in Hong Kong and the United States; In addition, I am tri-lingual – speaking English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Already I bring extensive sales and marketing, banks, and securities firms sales experience from businesses located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and the United States. Each setting offered me a unique and valuable business and experience that has increased my knowledge, helped my interpersonal skills, and advanced my professional development. Your training program drew me because of its opportunity for a unique and valuable exposure to various industries.

Your reputation for outstanding leadership development and the chance to work with other high caliber people would offer me an atmosphere that I have always excelled in. Having developed my research and analytical skills on the job, I wish to do more. My goal is to pursue a career in business management and your training offers an exceptional opportunity for me to become a successful leader and further my involvement in production operations and management.

My track record for creativity and teamwork is demonstrated in all my business handlings. My career to date has seen its share of meeting tight deadlines, yet making those timelines with creative approaches. Always level headed, I work well under pressure and cope effectively within a changing environment. Having demonstrated through my high caliber scholastic record and consistent progressive work history, I have always assumed responsibility, demonstrated a versatile mindset, and have embraced change and challenges.

In order to live a balanced life and to give back, I been active for over six years acting as the Project Coordinator of Hong Kong Community Youth club, which I have enjoyed very much. I am looking forward to your rigorous training program and believe I have the traits and attributes, including dedication and a spirit of adventure that would be consistent with the high standards of your organization. I await your response with excitement at the honor of being a part of this great program. Best regards, Nelson Chan

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