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Hookin’ Up

The essay “Hookin’ Up” is an explanatory work discussing the meaning and pervasiveness of this phenomenon found in the presently contemporary culture. It started off describing what the event of ‘hooking up’ means, who takes place in it, and how exactly it affects the partners involved in it. Moreover, the essay also reveals how hooking up has greatly shifted the way of traditional courtship and mating styles to a very much contemporary social style. “Hookin’ up” can be simply defined by being an outlet for someone to release their ‘sexual energy’ without any complications.

These complications are related to courtships, marriage and long-term family plans. The authors in this essay concluded by interpreting this ‘hooking up’ phenomenon as an evolution from a traditional to a much complicated culture. For some sociologists, this may lead to a future where meaningful relationships will completely be forgotten. However, the authors also stated the possibility of the phenomenon being a normal change of relationship patterns, which may be the effect of broken families, divorces, and early ended marriages.

This shows the two interpretation of the critique on the phenomenon of ‘Hookin up. and provided facts trying to provide explanations for each. One side is all about the negative feedback the phenomenon has to offer society. These would include unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and possible contractions of sexual transmitted diseases. On the other hand, the author also touched on the possibility of “hookin’ up” providing some benefits, like being free from any future constraints without compromising the taste of activities happening serious relationships

In a simple sense, “hooking up” is the act of having sexual activities with the consent of the other side, and yet being free of any commitments that may lead to a planned future life. The essay also provided possible reasons on why people, especially the young teens, involve themselves into such practice. Some are based on facts, answers given to them by the teens themselves, such as work-related reasons. The essay states that for some teens, long-term relationships would just be a barrier for them into pursuing professional careers in the future.

Also, being at a very young age, “hooking up” became a good chance for them to experience adult pleasure without compensating for future adventures, jobs, and education. Aside from the teens, the authors also included several groups in the society that are found to be guilty in promoting this kind of behavior. One of these groups is the parents. The family is said to be the unit of a community, and a child takes his or her important lessons here. But in today’s society, a lot of elements are explicitly shown to have a negative effect on the reputation of good marriage and long lasting relationship.

Divorce is the number one issue here, followed by broken and argumentative marriages and inclusion of step fathers and mothers. These were pointed out by the essay as possible factors that tend to affect the child, making him less affectionate on the idea of a meaningful relationship. If one would look back in the essay, college students blamed their future careers, educational pursuits, and their professions for them engaging in such activity. The essay, however never stated the fact that some, rather most, college students hook up with each other as a result of curiosity and even pride.

Some would like to show off to others and do it by getting off with the most popular girl in school. It gives the student something to brag about. The media also plays a large role in scattering the influence of this phenomenon. Several television shows and movies capture this spirit, and more teens, upon watching these, could be influenced due to mere interest. Sexual activities done by the youth are often seen in movies, and popular TV shows. It is almost that these kinds of scenes and conversations about these are normal.

“Hookin’ up” can then be seen as a type of fashion, common among college students and a “must” to stay high in the ranks of popularity. Furthermore, the chances of teens engaging in such activity increases after getting a primary feeling of triumph upon doing it. It makes them feel greater than ever, and provides them with a healthy dose of success and accomplishment. Sex has always been associated with matured couples, and being able to do it at a younger age provides the youth with a sense of achievement, a sense of sudden maturity. This also connects with the lowering of the youth’s moral standards.

The fact that these activities are done just for fun is not a simple change in relationship patterns. Nor is it a trial period for younger generations before they actually reach their maturity. And to think that it became so normal that those who are involved in it can communicate openly about it. These are just a few moments where one can see a deteriorating standard of morals. Religion and some teachings of the church were also directly violated by these activities. They also have lost the appreciation of having a single partner that they would be with for the rest of their lives.

The youth today shows a lower value for respect and dignity towards their partners and eventually to their own bodies. After reading the essay, and observing the phenomenon and its effects, I agree with the author’s interpretation of the phenomenon revealing the status of today’s youth and society. “Hookin’ up” definitely changes several traditional relationship strategies, and this is brought about by a number of logical and reasonable causes. But there is still another set of motives for the youth taking part in this phenomenon, intentions that would reveal a darker side of today’s college students.

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