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Horse Slaughter Houses

The history of horse slaughter houses can be trace back from the 8th century when Pope Gregorio III declared that the consumption of horse meat for food is an abominable act (Martuzzi et. al. , n. d. ). He also declared the people eating it as unclean people. However, until today, the use of horse meat is rampant. This mainly originates from the horse slaughtering houses that are widely distributed in Europe and in America. It was in the 1928 when the selling of horse meat was strictly prohibited.

However, the eventual abolition of this law may be the caused of the emanating horse slaughtering houses. Diuring 1995-2000, the number of horse slaughtering houses along with horse consumption increased. It was only in 1999 when a decrease in the trend was observed and this was mainly caused by BSE, a disease that can be obtained from eating animal meat. More recently (2005), about 90 000 horses have been slaughted for the consumption of man in the United States.

Among this large number of horses, 20 000 were exported alive to ther coutries. These countries include Japan, Mexico, and Canada (Reeves, n. d). In line with the rampant case of horse slaughtering houses, the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act was established. Its primary goal is to end the slaughter of horses for human consumption Most recently, it was on August 2, 2007 when an amendment to the 2008 Agriculture Appropriations bill was approved.

This is another move to stop the act done by horse slaughtering horses, to remove its history, present deeds and future acts.


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