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How do Ovid and Homer characterize Hera?

Hera has been described and illustrated as the ultimate of the paradox of womanhood. She is on one hand obstinate, querulous, defiant, a meddler, envious, jealous, defiant, wily, beguiling, treacherous, and dangerous. On the other hand she is extremely beautiful, elegant, regal, noble, efficient, wise, caring, loving, divine and inspiring. Why do you think they portray her this way? Her negative traits were illustrated in her meddling in the Trojan War – inspite of it being the war of mortals. In addition, Hera cannot withstand the many illicit amorous affairs of her husband Zeus and their illegitimate children.

Her jealousy and enviousness result to her harming all of them. Most often than not, she always quarrel with Zeus. At one point, the height of her obstinacy made Zeus hang her amongst the clouds with Anvil hanging at her feet. Her guiles and wiles have been demonstrated quite often as she deceives almost all of the gods in Olympus just so she could have her way in instituting her position as the ultimate goddess. Her positive traits were highlighted by the fact that being the only one who is really married to Zeus, she was devoted in serving her god and husband.

She mothered three children for Zeus that she loved to extreme protectiveness. Hera ensured perpetuity of the divinity of Zeus. She rightfully exuded the true elegant and regal and noble bearing of a queen and goddess. Do you think ancient women perceived her as these ancient men described her? Yes, because Aphrodite for example could not resist in lending Hera her girdle. The other women in the lives of Zeus could not stand up to her. The rest of the female subjects in Olympus are simply unresisting to all her bidding.


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