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How I Manage Time

Time management is one of the greatest challenges that life offers me. It focuses on how I manage every second of my day to achieve and to accomplish important things that have to be done before the day ends or before a particular time. It is how I make use of today’s time to get done bigger and long-term goals in the future. Every time I administer my time effectively, it gives me a feeling of tranquility and accomplishment. My mind has no space for worries and my stomach has been left out by the butterflies. My priorities in life revolve on my family particularly with my wife and son, on my studies and on my personal goals and visions.

These are the most vital things in my life that I am handling with proper care and giving enormous time. Some of my days are smooth sailing however there are also moments when the flow of time defies me in its highest sense. It is inevitable especially if a lot of spontaneous activities transpire in a day. My family is the most essential element of my life. Most of my time revolves with my wife and with my son. Having a family bestows a lot of responsibilities so it is really important for me to manage my time properly.

I need to spend moments with them to fulfill my tasks and duties as a husband and as a father. I have to make sure that I am giving them enough attention, love, care and resources just like how I give and spend with some aspects of my life such as study and social needs. I have already faced a number of challenges in my life. And it is time that summons me more. There has been an instance when I have to accomplish a myriad of schoolwork while having a dilemma with my boss in the office as well as figuring a schedule of family date with my wife and son.

I almost throw up. It makes me panic. My mind wanders because I really do not know where to start. I have been bended by my schedules and my priorities. Nevertheless, I stop. I pause for a few moments to figure out what needs to be done first. And because of those seconds that I have allotted for myself to think and to decide, I have successfully accomplished all those things that matter. Time controls and dominates our life but it does no have to be. It is only an element of the universe that exists in order to direct the life of every human being.

However, there is no need for us to be governed and to be manipulated by time. I, as a human being, need to rule over it so every moment of my day will not be wasted. I am not an obsessive compulsive person, however, I am aware that I manage and use my time properly in order for me not to cram. I organize every duty that needs to be accomplished in a specific time. There are two strategies on how I spend my time: First, I define my priorities. I make a list of things that has to be done in a day like for example, cook breakfast, attend a meeting, do my homework, play with my son, quality time with my wife.

Second, I, as much as possible, avoid distractions such as procrastination wherein I put off important jobs and replace it with least important ones and crises management wherein I have no time for routine matters. Having that kind and way of life it is still inevitable and unavoidable to get off from the lists—daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals in life. I am still happy and very much open for the possibilities of unplanned and unforeseen events. It gives life excitement and thrill to accomplish a lot of things and to fit everything in just a day.

Every time situations as such occur, I still do my best to satisfy all my responsibilities. If I have not done a thing that is on the list, I finish it on the other day. Or in case there are more important matters to be done especially if they are concerned with my wife and son and with my studies, I do spend most of my time with them and then do the other things later. I accomplish every thing in accordance to my priorities because I know that success requires time management. So in order for me to gain triumph and to fulfill my goals, plans and dreams, I have to make sure that every second is worth to be spent on the things that matter.

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