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How to Bargain Shop

Are you spending too much money on the necessities of life? Is there barely any money left over after bills are paid? Do you want to go out in style, but can’t afford to? No one should have to live like this! No matter your income, there are ways to get what you want and need without going into debt, and you can do it in style! By following a few simple shopping rules, you will soon have it all! To begin bargain-shopping training, you will need to know how to comparative shop, how to take advantage of store discounts, and how to get brand named or hard to find items at discounted prices.

The first step in becoming a bargain shopper is to comparative shop. Comparative shopping is looking at similar items in different stores to find the best price. You can do this by looking on the Internet at most stores’ websites or by browsing through the Sunday paper. The Sunday paper is usually full of stores’ advertisements. The prices and items are listed for the sale that week. Comparing two or more stores will help you find the lowest price on the items that you need for the week such as groceries or cleaning supplies. Be sure to factor in coupon discounts.

If a store offers double coupons on an item that you need, you will save more money at that store on that particular item than if you shopped the other store. Many stores will also accept other stores’ prices if you bring in the ad. If you only want to shop at one store for all of your needs, take the other ads with you to get those prices. I suggest making a list of items that you need, finding in the ads which one is cheaper, circling the item and price so it is easy to find at the checkout, and choose the store that doubles coupons.

You can’t go wrong using this strategy. With the money and time that you save, you could even splurge on something that you’ve been wanting. Be sure to check out the clearance rack and the bulk departments for additional savings. Some stores offer discount cards in addition to their weekly sales. Stores such as Rite-Aid offer rewards for shopping in their stores. Using your Rite-Aid card will save you an additional ten percent at the register each time you purchase a Rite-Aid brand product. It will also save you on items that are on sale for Rite-Aid cardholders.

Not everyone can receive these discounts, only card members, so it is beneficial to sign up for discount cards wherever you shop frequently. If you are responsible enough to pay off your credit cards each month, using them to shop can save you on average ten percent for a shopping trip. Many major department stores offer an additional ten to fifteen percent discount for shoppers using their credit card to pay for their purchases. The stores also send out bonus coupons to cardholders, which will save additional money as long as you pay off your cards each month.

There are also member’s only shopping outlets where you can purchase goods in bulk, saving on average fifteen to twenty percent than if you purchased these items once a week or even once a month. For example, Sam’s Club cardholders can purchase bulk food and paper supplies at discounted prices. Sam’s also offers very low prices on clothing and popular items such as CDs, cameras, and camping equipment. There is a nominal fee for the card each year, but the savings can outweigh the cost, depending on your family size or needs.

Store cards can be very beneficial to shoppers. You’ve saved money on your groceries by comparative shopping, you’ve used your rewards and discount cards, and now you have a little bit of money to spare. You deserve some high quality items of your own to enjoy! One way to find brand named items at a discounted price is by shopping discount stores such as TJ Max. TJ Max has a wide variety of name brand apparel and accessories. They also offer hard to find items such as unique furnishings for your home and fine chocolates.

TJ Max receives lots of items that have small defects, so beware when you are shopping the racks. Most of the merchandise is in perfect condition, but you will run across a few imperfect items as well. Don’t like to leave the house to go shopping? Try shopping online. Overstock. com and e-bay offer a wide variety of high priced items at very low costs. These items can be shipped to your home in as little as twenty-four hours. Some of these items are used, so beware of quality and check the ratings on the sellers. There are step by step instructions to using online shopping.

Another fantastic way to save big on high-ticket items is to shop the outlet malls. These stores are very similar to TJ Max, but each store only sells from one merchandiser such as Gap or Tommy Hilfiger. These stores offer, on average, a discount of fifty percent or more than the retail price. You have browsed the ads and made lists. You have made that weekly trip to the store. You have saved money. You have signed your life away for discount cards and made that extra trip for some classy stuff. Enjoy. Live your life in style.

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