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How To Break Your Addiction To A Person

In the book, “How to Break Your Addiction to a Person” by author Howard M. Halpern, we learn that some relationships may be destructive and may need to be further examined. We learn from the author that we may not necessarily be in love but may be addicted to a person that may cause us to become happy and the consequences are that we may receive more negative feelings than happy ones, simply because the relationship has issues that may not be the most beneficial.

In this book we learn about some of the symptoms of a mentally harmful relationship and some necessary steps in resolving and bringing an end to this arrangement that is not in our best interest. This book offers a series of steps in ending the relationship that may be damaging your personal view of yourself while also harming other aspects of your life that may lead to years of unhappiness that accompany this unhappy affair. Howard M. Halpern writes about feelings of jealousy in a relationship that have absolutely nothing to do with love and may be a sign of addiction.

Sometimes, individuals may confuse the emotions of jealousy for signs that you love someone and may lead to feelings of anger and hostility. The author also teaches us that we can successfully end this addiction to a person, and offers us that we can accomplish the break-up without ever going back and gaining further self damage. We also learn that we have to first determine if our relationship is one accompanied by addiction or if we truly love this person.

When the symptoms of addiction are present, we need to bring this relationship to an end and the author tells us how we can do this, successfully. We must find the courage within us, in order to take the steps in this break-up and be capable of realizing and believing that we have made the correct choice for ourselves without ever questioning whether we made the correct choice. The author, who is a psychotherapist, offers us many relationship cases that he describes and gives us reasons from these examples of why we can also become addicted to a person.

(Halpern, 2003) We also learn from this book how we can we should be very selective if we choose to opt for a new relationship and how we must remember the signs of addiction from our past addictive relationship and should be concerned and very aware, so we don’t end up in another mentally abusive relationship that will result in further damage to ourselves where must, once again, determine if the relationship is addictive and go through the same motions of ending the relationship because we didn’t initially examine the symptoms of personal addiction.

We also learn about guilt that another person may use in convincing you to remain in the addictive relationship and we should be aware of this trap that may cause us to stay in the partnership because of our own good heart. Guilt is not a sign of love, the author shows us and we should never allow a guilt trip to interfere with our own good judgment in deciding if this relationship is harmful.

Deception can sometimes be a true part of our lives and can be crucially damaging and we must take steps in the right direction through education and trusting in our gut instincts when determining if a relationship is healthy or damaging. This guide will give you proper information and accounts which you can study and ask yourself if a relationship that you are currently in, is healthy for you. A good relationship is based on genuine emotions which consist of caring for another person and doesn’t offer feelings of rage and controlling behavior by either partner, which are two symptoms of an addictive relationship.

One must exercise the concept of self-respect and should put tremendous emphasis on their personal view of themselves, without ever questioning their own good qualities and should never lower their opinions of themselves because another person has utilized power of persuasion in causing another to feel bad about their perception of their character. There are many bad marriages and unions where many years have been wasted on trying to live up to another person’s standards.

Halpern offers us a wonderful guide to go by, in order to make sure your own life is spent with another person that offers positive emotions that in turn, make us happy and prosperous individuals who never have to enter into a bad relationship or causes us to take a good look at the relationship that we are currently in, and make the determination if we need to end this affair and do this is a manner which is most beneficial to us and causes the least amount of pain.

We have to realize that the person that we are addicted to will not be happy with our new attitude and will most likely use methods in trying to convince us, otherwise. We must arm ourselves with resources, which we find in Halpern’s book, in searching our own minds and finding the answer to our own questions about our current relationships.

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