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How to Build Goodwill to Readers

Writing is a profession wherein a good knowledge of my audience is a must. It means that every writer must know his/her market or target audience. The real sound reason of which is that the audience will do the task of reading my paper or article. While writing is an individual occupation, it involves constantly pondering on how well others will comprehend and be influenced by what I have composed. As a consequence, my readers are with me all the time even though I am by myself whenever I write.

The dilemma is that my audience is not in the immediate place where I am hence cannot give feedback or respond. As a writer then, I will constantly step outside my viewpoint and take the place and perspective of my readers and try to be critical on what I have written. One main thing I as a writer should keep in mind is to convey to the reader that does not underestimate his/her intellectual capacity. To involve them in such a way that they will feel as if a good conversation is taking place.

It implies that I should be engaging my readers to the kind of talk that they wish to dwell on not forgetting also that I am not only writing to entertain but at the same time writing to inform and educate. The former should not be sacrificed by the latter though. Moreover, one important ingredient here is to frame my specific goals; what am I attempting to aim at or achieve as I write my piece. Furthermore, I must always bear in mind that I can only achieve those goals as I nurture a sort of understanding and esteem for my readers.

Not an easy task for a solitary writer who may have the tendency to be wrapped in the construction of his/her thoughts. Other minor yet essential elements include the importance of spelling check and the utilization of simple yet thought-provoking words, picking the suitable expressions and the message written for the best understanding in the reader’s mind.


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