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How to Correct Students Errors in Mathematics

The most common of the mistakes that children make in the mathematics could be when they do arithmetical problems. Arithmetical problems can cause a lot of confusion for the children when they are unable to recall the tables on time or when there are problems concerning division signs. There are a number of problems that can be seen from the solution of the division questions of students A, B and C. the problems have been provided with their causes and how they can be recognized for a student who faces the division trauma.

There are also a number of solutions that have been provided for the issues and the errors faced. According to the student A it can be seen that the student was unable to recall that 9 times 8 is 72 and not 71. The student was unable to calculate the right answer due to this flaw. The student can be taught to first learn the tables by heart and then the teacher can help the student in revising the material by simply cross questioning the student randomly with different numbers.

This would allow the student to have some confidence in the solution of such problems. The second student faced the problem of being unable to place the idea of a ‘0’ factor in the division. This is one of the basic concepts of the division process that a child should learn. The teacher should hide every numerical from the student and then reveal one at a time. This is the way the child will be able to place the ‘0’ factor at the right time and not make a mistake.

The student C made a mistake of bringing down the numbers after subtracting the multiple of the divisor. This is a common problem because the child did not place the second ‘2’ under the same column but rather placed it under the third column. The teacher can help the student to overcome the problem by simply making columns for the student and then asking the student to place each number in their specific column. This would make the child used to the idea and then avoid mistakes.

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