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How to persuade UK tourists visit Thailand

Qualitative research is designed to explain the characteristics of the respondents or the topic that are hard to be expressed in numbers. With regard to Thailand tourism and the possible ways to enhance Thailand’s attractiveness for UK visitors, the qualitative research is aimed to reveal: • Country’s SWOT analysis with regard to attractiveness as tourist place; • Recommendations how to improve the situation, i. e. attract more visitors to the country (Phillimore, 2004)

The methods of qualitative research are usually interviews and focus-groups, which help to get closer insight into the attitude and internal perceptions of respondents to draw a general picture of the problem. In our case, the respondents are tourism officers, hotel managers and tourism authorities in Thailand. The overall purpose of the research is to work out recommendations for travel authorities how to make Thailand. Based on the data received from the interviewees, the SWOT analysis is represented as the following: Strong sides of Thailand as a tourist place:

Beautiful nature, which offers excellent opportunities to relax (beaches, waterfalls, mountains etc. ) Low cost of living – tourists are able many cheap things on Thai markets. Weak: Prostitution and illness are named by respondents the weakest sides of Thailand as a tourist area. Governmental problems. Opportunities: • The major opportunity is offered by globalization – Thailand has a very rich and interesting culture. Globalization trends, which contribute to cultural experience exchange makes Thailand especially attractive place to visit.

This fact was noticed by interviewees. Threats: • The most viable threat is possible natural disaster (tsunami). The precedent of the event scares people and makes them think twice before deciding to go to Thailand for vacation. Moreover, based on the research data and following the analysis of this data, it is possible to give the following recommendations (including those the respondents named) how to emphasize strong sides, hide weak ones, realize opportunities and neutralize threats. Recommendations: 1.

To launch a promotion campaign, which would present the beauty and all the attraction of the country to the desired target audience (UK tourists). The main goal of the campaign is to the change the existing perceptions of UK citizens and provoke the desire to visit Thailand. Moreover, promotion campaign should also include cheaper travel packages for customers as a means of sales promotion. 2. To inform potential visitors about tsunami and convince that it is possible to predict any of such natural disaster and therefore there is nothing to fear for visitors.

This can be done using a series of educational programs on TV and publications in printed media. 3. It is also important that Thailand tourism authorities promote Thai culture worldwide. This can be done in cooperation with Thai state councils and embassies abroad. (For example, Thai days in different countries with food sampling, costumes, entertainment programs etc. ) Moreover, it is useful to create a special site on behalf of Thai tourism authorities where all the attractions of the country as well as advices would be published. 4.

It is important to change the image of Thailand as the country with high level of prostitution and wide spread illnesses. Therefore, it is recommended to to create special areas and beaches without sex shows and this kind of things. Moreover, it will be preferable if Thailand King and other higher authorities make a speech describing their country. In such a way, the analysis of the interviews shows that respondents find attractive features in Thailand as a tourist area. However, this attractiveness is faded away with many negative features, such as tsunami, prostitution, government problems.

Thus, it is crucial to take all possible measures to emphasize strong sides of the country and neutralize all negative ones in order to persuade UK citizens to visit Thailand.


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