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How to report vulnerability?

Vulnerability permits the web users to get the source code and view it from specific kind of files from the server. These vulnerabilities only permit specific files of source code to be viewable. Other files are not permitted for downloading or view, file permissions are not set for bypass normal files. This allows the user to view only the information but not edit it. The user cannot get access to the servers or get any permission to change anything on the website. Microsoft keeps announcing such patches that reduce the vulnerability chances in the in its servers. Vulnerabilities allow hackers to exploit the computer and electronic data.

When a user points the browser for a particular file like htm or html the user then is able to see the file, the content is sent from the server to the browser of the user. Other file types like ASP and JSP would allow user to interact with the pages. Users always get the final htm file to view. When request from an ASP file is processed then the server would send back htm file to the user’s browser where he can view the results. Files that have programming intend to remain on the server as they contain sensitive information. A website user having this vulnerability can cause bypass of the server site scripting and hence view the source code.

Red hat has separate methods for handling hackers. A white hat hacker and a black hat hacker are recognized by the security. With their white hat hacker they test their networks and systems in order to check the performance and vulnerability to the invasion by the hackers. And black hat hackers do the job of cracker; they just break into the system without going into the details of programming. There is one more hacker called grey hat hackers who use white hacker system.


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