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How to Talk to a Hunter

Pam Houston’s ‘How to Talk to a Hunter’ is a second person narration of the experience of the narrator/ a woman who fell in love with a hypocrite hunter. The language used by the author in the story displayed the images of the setting of the story. It also dramatizes the feelings of the narrator followed by explanations of the hunter which gives the reader an idea of their character even if it is only implied in the book. The setting of the story was in a snowy winter in Alaska, days before Christmas.

The author’s use of images, such that of the dead animals in the hunter’s cabin and the messages that continues to pile up provide a brief overview on the personality of the hunter. His excuses made it blatant that he is not serious or is not yet ready for any form of commitment or serious relationship. When the author includes the other characters such as the female best friend, the male best friend and the Coyote girl, there is a sense of distinction between opinions and actions. It develops a view that men dislike commitment and would often want to play around.

Women on the other hand are displayed as romantics and in love. The masculine ego showed when the man might not be bluffing when he said he will walk out the door, displayed that the man is not really in love with the woman as the narrator perceives. When the narrator stresses substituting’ holding with the word fucking’, the author implies that men judges women with how they perform in bed more than with their character. Man portrayed in the imagery of a hunter proves that the author thinks man as seekers.

Overall, the short story portrays a guide on how a woman could and should understand the language of man. Not only verbal words but also body-languages and reading between the lines shall be employed. It is basically a short story that looks into the man-woman relationship. The story revolves around the perceived lies of the hunter by the narrator and the insecurities and paranoia that the narrator experience in her relationship with the hunter.

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