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How Would You Like to Die

It is known fact that death is the end of the biological cycle of any living creature. “Dying is a phase of living, and death is the outcome,” (Kastenbaum). At the end of the ends death is waiting for all of us without exceptions. No matter, who you are, rich or poor, young or old, death will eventually happen to you one day. Undoubtedly, nobody knows beforehand how it is going to happen or what exactly will “take us out” of life, and in all this uncertainty people want to feel at least some sort of relief by imagining how he or she would die. The majority of us prefer to die in old age, painless and quickly.

Some people want to die peacefully in sleep; some want to die having friends and loved ones around, and some want to die having fun and enjoying this life at full volume. Also, a crucial aspect for many people is to die after they are done with this life and accomplished their mission on earth. We all “.. seek order, security, and meaning when confronted with death,” (Kastenbaum). In my opinion, it is also very important to die in dignity and try not to pass from record after death, at least for a blink in history. Certainly, only one in a million can save the earth, make a fascinating discovery or an outstanding invention.

In order not to waste our existence, we all aspire to achieving something great, either in life or in death. Therefore, given a choice, I would prefer dying by taking a bullet when protecting someone special or something valuable for our society. When I was a teenager, I was dreaming to become a policeman and take any sort of risky assignments every day. For example, I used to be very excited about different kidnapping stories, so I used to imagine how I would give up my life when saving a kidnapped child from the hands of kidnappers.

Or in case if a school bus was hijacked and children were taken hostages, being a grown-up I would become a hostage by my own will in exchange for a couple of children and, probably, die during the rescue operation. Later on I started thinking about becoming a bodyguard and spending my life protecting different important personalities, politicians or celebrities. I thought it would be honorable and worthy mission to give up my own life and die taking a bullet for someone, who is very valuable and precious for our society.

This way my death was supposed to proclaim me as a brave and courageous person whose life was not spent in vain. Certainly, as I am becoming an adult, I start understanding that things are not that simple in reality as we tend to imagine or wish. Our life is all about making choices, and it happens only in movies where a super-hero can make a choice in a split second and fearlessly take a bullet. I am not sure that I will be able to make such a fast decision in critical circumstances, not because I am turning into a coward, but because I am becoming more and more experienced and realistic about this life.

However, I still believe that giving up my life for someone loved, defenseless or innocent is the greatest honor on earth, which will also give me a chance for salvation after death. Therefore, it would be still great for me to die, for example, on the street from a random bullet protecting a child or a pregnant woman – not because I am a hero, but because I was just simply passing by. Thinking about own death is an interesting exercise, which, however, must not be understood as something immoral or fatal.

No matter how much we try to fantasize about it, the majority of us will die in an unexpected moment and in an unexpected place. When I asked a friend how he wanted to die, he told that the most preferable death for him would be “.. looking at somebody so beautiful and gorgeous that I drop dead! ” I think it is really great to take it all with a touch of good humor and entrust ourselves to God’s care.

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