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Huffman Trucking Operating System Survey

Huffman trucking is a freight company operating in four states. Each site, office and plant, has a distinct mix of operating systems on a variety of platforms including PCs, terminals, mainframes, and telephony controllers. The following is a brief examination of what was found at each site. Site Survey California The California office is running several classes of machines, four PCs and a server. The PCs are using Windows 95, Windows 95 SR2, Windows 98, and Windows 3. 1. The office server supports IIS 4. 0 and so is probably running Windows NT Server 4. 0 (Sheresh, Sheresh, and Cowart, 1999).

The California plant is also using several classes of machines, five servers, 40 PCs, and 7 Macs. The servers are running Windows 2000, and possibly Windows NT server (MS Exchange 5. 0 came out in 1997 (Redmond, 1997) and Proxy server 2. 0 dates to the same era), The PC workstations are all running Windows XP PRO, and the Mac workstations are running MAC OSX. Missouri The Missouri office has a large group of PCs running XP professional, one group of PCs using Windows 2000 Professional, A Novell NOS server, a Lotus Notes Server (probably NT4 Server), an Apache Server (Linux or Windows), several Windows 2000 servers, and some Macs running OSX.

The Missouri plant is based on a single Mainframe server so a multi-user OS such as IBM’s OS/390 is probably being used. New Jersey The New Jersey office is utilizing several PCs running Windows 3. 1, Windows 95, Win 95 SR2, and Win98. The office server is running probably running Windows NT Server 4. 0 based on its IIS version (Sheresh 1999). The New Jersey Plant is not running any operating systems onsite. All computer work is accomplished via dumb terminals connected to a remote mainframe. Ohio The Ohio office is setup identically to the Missouri office, Windows XP Pro, Windows 2000, NT4, Linux, and OSX.

The Ohio Plant is also identical to the Missouri site configuration. Dumb terminals connected to a single mainframe, probably running an OS similar to IBM’s OS/390. Operating System Overview Win 3. 1, Win95, Win95 SR2, and Win98 are all legacy operating systems. They provide a graphical operating environment that runs on top of the DOS operating system. Win 3. 1 lacks some networking features taken for granted in modern operating systems. All of these operating systems are intended for the desktop.

Windows 2000 Professional and Windows XP Professional are ‘modern’ desktop operating systems able to take advantage of current network and security features needed in today’s enterprise. Mac OS X is another modern desktop operating system. It is often used in graphic design workstations rather than normal office productivity applications; though office applications are available for this platform. Windows NT4 Server, and Windows 2000 Server are server class network operating systems. They can control network resources and provide application and file services.

Windows NT4 is a legacy version of the server OS from Microsoft. Novell NetOS is another network operating system performing similar functions as windows server class operating systems. Linux is a modern multi-user/network operating system. Linux may be used as a multi-user operating system much like a mainframe operating system or it may be used like a network services provider like Windows 2000 services. OS/390 is a common multi-user operating system for mainframe class computers offering hosted processing from several remote points (dumb terminals) simultaneously.

Implications of the OS environment Huffman trucking is utilizing a number of legacy systems in several locations as well as some deployment of more modern operating systems. Some consequences of this environment are network services are not uniform or universally available. Application data and services such as email and documents may not be easily shared between sites or departments. Data security may be an issue, several of the operating systems: Win 3. 1, win95, win95 SR2, and win98 are no longer supported by Microsoft.

Therefore any important security and functional defects cannot be corrected. Huffman should begin looking at moving the legacy workstations to more modern equipment and operating systems.


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