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Human Computer Interaction

The visibility of a product or service is enabled using the internet technologies and primarily the websites. The design and look and feel are the prime aspects which make sure that all the various objectives are accomplished to a large length. The focussed features of a website make sure that all the aims are quite distinguishable for making an impact. A critical appraisal of Tesco and Asda website was conducted providing a benchmark for our client. The sites key characteristics were identified; it was found many were inter-related.

Design for instance demonstrably fitted context of use, considered crucial to online success. It was found usability is an important concept, successfully related to navigation, content and layout. This is identified in the body of the report and in the Heuristic Evaluation, observation, questionnaires and Cognitive Walkthrough. Asda can be easily found as below: http://www. asda. co. uk/corp/home. html Tesco can be easily found as follows: http://www. tesco. com/ Evaluation criteria:

The foremost criteria for taking up this effort are to find out the best possible distinguishable feature among them. Faulkner (1997) mentions that quite a lot of intractability and comfortableness can be achieved if one can locate the items they are searching for quite distinguishably. The maximum benefits can be derived from the investigation of the following aspects: • System appeal • Usability • Learn ability • Acceptability • Efficiency Figure 1: Asda. com FrontPage Figure 2: Tesco.

com Website FrontPage Evaluation techniques: The evaluation of the various criteria’s laid above the following evaluation techniques would be taken into understanding for the exact catering of the scenarios and the very derivation of the correct methodology and techniques for making the right impact. Plaisant (2005) and Horton (2005) claims that various use of methods make sure that all the penetrations are evolved quite well and must be there for the derivation of various attitudes.

The following are the various methodologies that are accounted for serving the various interests: • Heuristic evaluation: This method as informal in nature as the usability analysis would rest in the hands of evaluators at the interface design only. (Nielsen & Molich, 1990). The various rules used are often not at the knowledge of the evaluators and the decision is often clouded with prejudices and biasness. One can briefly go through every heuristic so that everyone is familiar with them.

• Observation: This method of data collection is quite realistic in the sense that it is observed as to how one feels and takes the system features. The very actions and behavior are noted and the data analyses are done with respect to various usability and functionality. The various disadvantages are the influence of the observer on the user as she may temp to act in a fair manner to accomplish something which would have been done differently.

• Questionnaires: This method of data collection would make sure that all the various options which are exposed to the users are already known to the evaluator which makes the game more justifiable. They are best at capturing the right answer to make future predictions and conclusions. The primary advantage is the catering of the similar questions to all the users so that a benchmark is maintained for fetching the right answers. The demerit of this method is the various alignments of self aims with the questionnaire pattern that requires to be dealt personally and not professionally.

• Cognitive walk-through: It is a group activity which involves one or a group of tasks which are performed by a set of evaluators to inspect the tasks and evaluate its understanding. The primary merit is the peer reviewing and group activity to reduce any discrepancies in approach. The exploration of the various features is done at will. It’s definitely time and effort depletion in approach. Hobbs and Moore (1998) mention that the involvement of various evaluation techniques and selecting the best one depends on a large amount of practice in situations and practice.

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