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Human’s personality

Culture is always been a big influence in human’s personality. This is also the reason why a lot of people developed their personality based upon the values and cultural standards they acquired. Gender is also another popular and very influential part of human history that has been a big contributor of life that shaped the way we lived in. In this paper, it will provide some of the most relevant findings and discussion as to why gender becomes an important aspect in life and how it affects culture and values of a person or a group and also focus mainly on how gender difference is constructed and reinforced through popular images.

The Drive of Conservatism in Human Gender It is actually means to describe the political philosophies of an individual that are favor of keeping traditions and allows minor change. With this, most people that are in the side of conservatism, continuous to preserved their values and traditions in exchange of modern and liberal culture where there main idea is being open to change and would even allow themselves to turn their back in their traditions and old values.

Actually, there is different school of thought about conservatism, those that pertains to cultural, religious and even fiscal conservatism. For cultural, its main focus is on preservation of heritage of one country or an individual. And these even goes back to the early times, where most of their ancestor and founders have influence their society. This also means that people are comfortable of adopting old norms and traditions like norms of romantic.

Cultural conservatism also tackles moral, like for example the issue of homosexual, even in some countries it is now being recognized and even earn respect to the community, but still for the old culture this is not accepted and it is considered wrong and immoral. That is why most of the common practice here is actually comes from the church, where preservation is very much seen. And that’s prompts me to the next school of conservatism and that is religious conservatism, is simply keeping the teachings of old religion.

This religious conservatism may also be supported by customs, but it can also be not accepted by people from other community, city or another country, which in most cases it is conflicting to the mind of the people who believes differently even with the same religion or different one. The last one is fiscal conservatism, which is all about the government being prudent in their spending and debt. Or what was clearly understood here is that the government has no rights no put the burden to the taxpayer, by just increasing it without spending the budget for not so important projects and payment of debt.

(Conservatism, 2007). It was actually during the 1950’s where the dominance of liberalism is taking over the minds of the greater Americans, and with that almost making conservatism none existent. It was also during that time after years of uncertainty, when liberalism also provides extra boost to political status of America, as well as the appreciation of it in the American culture as well. It is like all the things that could relate to conservatism during those early years of 1950’s is not worthy of discussion.

But still some, who has little influence, pursue on re-introducing conservatism, in away that they just don’t want to let go of it. Most especially in one issue that even Democrats and Republicans denounced the American Communist Party, which were tried to be linked in having too much liberalism might be the cause of it. Instead the answers were re-directed and responded that communist in America was brought out by dissatisfaction on the way the government is doing , security and most of all the status of securing identity.

It had not appeared until the last four season of 1950’s, there are actually four main reasons, (1) disappearance of the automatic built in status elevator, that in the uncertainty of the postwar era, where the expectation for a child to surpass his or her parents level of education, type of employment and material comfort is starting to be impossible to achieve, in short social mobility was starting to experience by the American majority that time, (2) mass communication, starting to enable average Americans into politics, (3) it was because of the long acceptance to liberalism, which results to a lot of frustrations which brought out by Government misaligning of their main thrust to business owners and other conflicts that affects the majority because of too much practice of power by the government.

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