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Hustling for Heroin

Men addicted in Heroin do a lot of things to support their vice. They steal, they lie, and they manipulate people, and even do menial jobs just to get a little bit of money to buy their drugs. This activity is called hustling. In the article Hustling: Supporting a Heroin Habit, the different types of hustling performed by addicts was discussed. It was mentioned that the, Media generally project the false image of a hustler who is a skilled criminal, sustaining a drug lifestyle solely on the basis of some single, specialized, lucrative hustling method through the movies.

(Life with Heroin, 51) Therefore the image that people have in mind about hustling is not really accurate. They are not as bad as we thought they are. They are not the hood looms that we avoid on the streets, or the people that break our houses at night. Most of the HLS men are not consummate drug sellers, skilled thieves, or burglars but rather are unskilled opportunists who face each day as it arrives and do whatever they can to “get over”. (Life with Heroin, 51)

There are four distinctions that the article mentioned, the opportunistic hustler, the legitimate hustler, the skilled hustler and the dope hustler. The opportunistic hustler gets up early in the morning thinking about how to hustle and get his money to buy his fix. This type of hustler usually just gets out of bed unwashed, unkempt and hair uncombed. They don’t have a specific routine on how to get their money so they wander the whole day looking for opportunities to score.

The second type, which is really surprising is the legitimate hustler, they are the ones who have a legitimate job or a permanent way of earning income. They provide services for people to get legitimate money, usually menial jobs and they like this better because they don’t have to beat other people up or get beaten just to get their fix. They also have this “robbing Peter to pay Paul” idea. (Life with Heroin, 60) Basically, what they do is loan some money from Peter to pay Paul, and the next day, loan money from someone else to pay Peter.

This sort of hustling is very acceptable in our society, and in some point is not really called hustling because they are working hard for their money and are not taking advantage of other people. The third kind of hustler is the skilled hustler; they are the ones who usually engage in high status kind of hustling that includes burglary, picking pockets, and specialized forms of shoplifting. Their activities are very high risk and generally more profitable. They work in tandem with other heroin addicts to get the job done.

They are the master artisans, completely knowledgeable of their crafts and usually does everything according to plan. The fourth kind is the dope hustler, they are those that does service in exchange for dope or a little bit of money. They rely on their knowledge where good quality heroin can be bought and their familiarity on the heroin scene. Some hustlers get paid at both ends of the transaction, the dealer and the buyer both pay them. The problem in hustling was brought about by the awareness people have now about their activities.

More people are taking precautions and get more locks on their doors, walks in a well-lighted alley and keep their wallets inside their bags. Some people invest on high end alarm systems to protect their homes from burglary. Another was the system in the streets, about other hungry predators also waiting to prey on them, if they become careless or relax on their stuff. It’s a survival of the fittest world. The government is trying to do something about this system and the crimes drug addicts commit to support their vice.

Nonetheless, hustling just to get their fix is outright wrong and people aware of this addict’s activity should report the addict to the authorities. Maybe it be legal hustling, it still involves deceit, lying and manipulation. Authorities should keep their eyes wide open and educate the public about the various activities these addicts do just to get their fix. However, once things get hard for these addicts to hustle to get their fix, they might resort to a more high-risk and more dangerous behavior, and hoping we are ready when that happens.

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