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Identity And Locality

Communities are composed of a number of families in a certain place. The communities have different people that comprise its identity. The people that are constructed in the community give it the specificity and designation of names say the community of clean people or the community of robbers. Community is part of a larger group that we all know as the population which is a more complex one. Communities are group of people that may have different origin but thrive and live on the same place, like in villages.

Each of the community in the world has a certain, distinct characteristic that make it known even without describing the people that are in it. The community’s practices are the things that make it different from others. There are leaders in the community which help shape the community are factors of its individuality. Say for one example, there are already programs implemented in a community that deals with the clean and green drive to lessen the pollution. The other communities implement a drive by which they will eliminate green house gases thus decreasing green house effect.

Communities really have a lot of things that separates them from the other. The Fan District that we will be discussing, as we know, is located near our university. According from researches, the district was named as it is because of the structures and appearances of its streets. They look like fans, obviously, that’s where our ancestors got its name. There are a number of establishments here that make it known, like for its big Theatre and a number of schools. In looking at the mp of the said district, it is a bit big and offers avenues that are open to everybody.

As I can see it, I am living in an urban area that is of high status compared to that of the rural places. In what I recall, urban areas offer industrialized projects and buildings that make it easier for living. The establishments in the rural are more sophisticated than with rural areas that may have a few buildings. The rural places still have farms n it that cater the agricultural needs of the village or community, if not for the country. Urban places offer many jobs and careers open for the young professionals around and within the city.

With this, many people desire to be inside an urban area given that they may be earning big money. As a grown up from an Urban area, I can say that I am shaped to become sophisticated. I am a person with high standards that might deal with people of my standards, off course. Being surrounded by many beautiful buildings, I can say that I regard the University as a place that also in line with what I look for in a university; with good and sound facilities and education that can be highly competitive with others.

The university offers a lot of activities that will enrich my knowledge about life. Since I am not the only one who study in this university, I think, what I have experienced before molded me to a being that is with standards but still has the moral values inculcated by my parents. Actually, there might be many circumstances that I may face during my stay here in the University that may hasten my skills of coping up. Off course, there will be people that practice different things that is different with what I have been used to do in the family or in the community.

And these differences may lead to conflicts with other. Clashing of personalities are common to areas where interaction between people in a group. But since, those people whom we accompany everyday have the same frequencies with us, I think conflicts can be minimized. Our community provided me of insights that help me deal with other people. Many of our neighbors gave me the idea that we are social beings that is expected to be on lime lights on our own special ways. I still think that no man is born for himself alone.

We opt to interact with other people so it is helpful that the community you came from is a good foundation for social skills. Since we have unique characteristics and personalities, the differences of other people may help us become matured and better individuals. It is helpful that on my young age, I have attended conferences and conventions that will make it easier for me to understand others; their status and their values. However, for some reasons, I find it very difficult to adapt with climate changes, or shall we say, temperature changes that also irritates me.

As I know it, there are reasons why we find it irritating to be in hot places. The energies that I am burning in a place hotter than ours makes me feel annoyed so, it is difficult for me to interact with others that I may be experiencing mood swings then. But for every problem, there are solutions. I think, being not so brutally frank about the matter might help the situation. There are certain things in life that can be left unsaid for there are also people who take the stresses of life with different levels and ways with us.

Therefore, it is important that we find the right words to express our feelings, so as not to hurt them. As it was told ages ago, despite personality crashes, we must still practice the golden rule that is taught by the old sayings and the Bible.


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