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Illegal Immigration by Eduardo Porter

To face the fact, illegal immigration into America is a prevalent issue that requires immediate attention. However, there has been recent debate on the morality and rightness of how these illegal immigrants are being treated by Americans. This essay by Eduardo Porter summarizes some prevalent issues and provides facts about this issue in question. The facts 1. Although the figures provided by Eduardo Porter might not be totally accurate, one thing we should note is that most times, what we have is an estimate as the accurate figures can not be ascertained. 2.

Angel Martinez trekked for two days through the desert before he could get into America. This sort of story is peculiar to illegal immigrants although some pay truck drivers and hide behind trunk of truck. Overall, the way illegal immigrants enter America is demeaning because to evade the immigration officers involves a difficult process. 3. Angel Martinez contributed $2450 dollars in 2004 alone. I must admit that this figure got me thinking. Unlike the idea I used to have about illegal immigrant, I was shocked to know that an illegal immigrant can contribute so much while earning so little.

4. Immigrants contribute $7 billion a year as subsidy? While an average immigrant like Martinez contributes $2000 yearly, I think that is amazing! Maybe illegal immigrants are not such a pest after all. 5. IRCA is an immigration act and its purpose is to restrict employment of illegal immigrants although this act has been futile as people still employ immigrants today. The Strategies 1. The author placed the thesis in the introductory paragraph of the essay. This equips and prepares the reader for what to expect from the essay

2. The author appealed to the emotions of the reader by giving a vivid description of the ordeal of a typical illegal immigrant in America, Angel Martinez. I think this technique goes a long way in contributing to the successful flow of idea of the paper. 3. According to the author, as the “debate of social security heats up”, the estimated 7 million illegal immigrants are busy contributing over $7 billion as subsidy to the system. Definitely, the illegal immigrants have no say in the debate.

Therefore, probably civil right activists, the government and the people of America are the people participating in the debate. Personally, I believe that these illegal immigrants should also benefit from these social programs because whether we like it or not, they are an essential part of our society. 4. The author made reference to Marcelo Suarez Orozco because of the mocking statement utter by him. As I perceive, he is a Mexican himself and this make it worse as he identifies the fact that these illegal immigrants are contributing money towards what they will “never” enjoy.

5. The statistics provided by the author also adds to the strength of the essay. Generally, these statistics help in driving home the author’s point. For instance, the figure provided by the author about the amount contributed by illegal immigrants allows the reader to know the extent of contribution of these immigrants. Issues 1. I musty admit that after reading porter’s essay, my perspective towards illegal immigrant changed. Although I have always believed that all men are equal and thus are entitled to the same treatment, I have never seen this issue from this perspective.

When I was growing up, my nanny and our maid was a Mexican. Although I have always considerably respected illegal immigrant, after reading this essay, my opinion about these illegal immigrants is more refined. 2. Apart from the example given by the author, there are more illegal immigrants who are doing different kinds of menial/odd jobs. For instance, I have seen illegal immigrants tend to people’s garden, serve as nannies and maids, while some take security jobs and work as cleaners in offices.

Unfortunately, on the average, when we consider the amount they make and the taxes they have to pay, they are barely left with nothing. 3. It remains a fact that illegal immigrants contribute hefty sum of money to Medicare and social security. Perhaps the government imposes these fines on them in order to punish them for their illegal entry. From my point of view, this should be changed. As we are made to believe, America is God’s own country where people live in liberty and equality.

Continuation of these hefty taxes undermines the very purpose by which our society is formed. 4. The government is apparently doing nothing about these fake social security numbers. I dare to say that since money is coming in, then the end justifies the means. It is absurd to conceive that the government does not know where this money is coming from. Since the source of much of these fake security numbers can be predicted, I am of the opinion that the government should find a lasting solution to this problem.

I will suggest that the government should establish a program that will allow these illegal immigrants have their own authentic social security numbers and benefit from Medicare and social programs. 5. The term “other than legal immigrants” evolved as a replacement to illegal immigrants. For one, it is a more humanistic and milder term than illegal immigrants. Personally I think it is better term but it still segregates these set of people from us. If asked, I will suggest that these set of people should be called “Neighbors seeking greener pastures”.

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