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Illegal Immigration in America

As through the course of history, everyone is welcome to migrate into the United States. The Polish, Italians and Russians have been accepted through the years, as the people from other nations shall be as well. Everyone can say that these immigrants are hard working, and productive. They have become law abiding citizens. Unfortunately, this bond and growth America conjured with its immigrants produced a surprisingly large amount of illegal citizens crossing the borders of the country from all sides.

Most of these illegal immigrants can be observed as Latinos. However, one is wrong to immediately assume that these people came from the Mexican borders. It is not true that those immigrants who write their homelands in forms list Mexico. It is a myth. These Latinos came from a wide array of countries. These are those who came into the shores of the country with illegal passage. They are illegal immigrants, and they are breaking the American system. They are criminals without traceable papers. They batter the health and welfare systems of the country.

More importantly, even if they are illegal residents, they still heavily demand the rights only legal residents are given the privilege of having. Above all these issues, they do not even try to learn the language to have a better understanding of the people and the system. They insist that they are worthy and deserving, but they already violated the basic codes upon entry of the American borders. They are criminals. Walking through the borders of the United States without the consent of legal authorities is in itself a criminal act.

If they insisted that they are not criminals, then they would not have resorted to illegal means of getting a different life in America. Regardless of the reasons and excuses they will share with others, to justify their actions, it is still illegal. They still committed a criminal act. They can not reason out that they did not have another choice. They cannot say that they believe that America will offer them a better life. Because even if America had that capability, by illegally crossing the borders, they denied themselves that possibility of having a better life from the moment they stepped in.

If they did not have anything to be guilty about, then they should be able to produce official, genuine and traceable papers to prove their innocence. Although it is also a fact that the process legalizing their entry to the soils of America is rather expensive, it does not mean that they should evade this amount and force themselves into the country. Why America? Why this land among all others? They break their dreams even before the process began. Why think that coming into America in such a matter be the only choice for them? There is always a choice.

By working hard and not resorting to illegal activities, a man can lift his family in a more relieving manner. He will not be knocked at by his conscience. Furthermore, it is not only those who want better lives for their families who cross the borders because of desperate measures. Drugs, smuggling and human trafficking are some of the underground businesses of these people as well. They are indeed a group of criminals who do not only violate the laws of this country, but also constitutional rights of each individual. Lives have been replaced or equated to cash and petty sources of pleasure.

According to the website Center for Immigration Studies (2005), the proportion of immigrant-headed and native households in using at least a major program for their welfare is at 29% and 18% respectively. This shows that immigrants are getting more from these programs, whether they were legal or illegal immigrants. In this light, instead of having legal residents, the true Americans, benefit from these, the growing number of illegal immigrants who also avail of these take the opportunity of natives or legal immigrants to avail the same thing. They are taking what is not due them.

They do not have the right to take it. In regards to the health care system, Hopkins Undergraduate Research Journal Online (2007) was able to give a concrete issue about the matter. In the article, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1985 was given light. The act provides that individuals without insurance, without money and without American citizenship shall receive free services to those who arrive at the hospital during an emergency. The reason behind this act is that it is unethical to deny anyone the treatment they need when they really need it.

However, the same article also mentioned that in certain regions, there is a noticeable abuse of the system. These include the illegal immigrants who think the system is designed for everyone. As a result, over 60 hospitals in California closed since 1993. Some argued that it is the fault of the private owners of these hospitals that they folded. On the other hand, it was found out that more than 50% of the services they rendered were not paid. Moreover, with each hospital closed, a numerous amount of legitimate patients are deprived of the service they had the privilege of already having.

The third reason behind illegal immigrants being a problem for America is the fact that many of these immigrants demand their American rights. With this alone, one will ask if they were Americans at all. Their fake documents do not fully recognize their presence in the country as a true citizen, nor even a viable immigrant. Do they even have the right to ask of this from the government? True, their human rights will not be taken away from them. They shall continue to be treated as human beings.

However, because their entry to American soil was not through a legal process, what should the country give them? America has been invaded but foreigners without defense. Will the country stoop lower and offer the foreigners gifts? The country is not hotly against their transfer, but it does not welcome the illegal immigrants with open arms. Is it not enough that they were able to get into America? That was what they were targeting after all. Demanding their American rights, when they are not Americans at all, is asking too much from the legal residents of the country.

Furthermore, another issue with the illegal immigrants is that most of them do not even try to learn the English language because they do not see it as a benefit for their greater benefit. They continue to insist that they do not need to learn the language when the fact is otherwise. Learning English could be the key to their permanent stay in the country. One of the greatest predicament of every human being to coincide with other people is because of the language barriers. People do not always understand each other because they cannot comprehend the language.

However, simple translation does not work. Even if words were equally translated, it could be that the words are of a different context. Not all words have a direct translation on every dialect known. A slightly different meaning can be disastrous. In this light, how are the Americans and immigrants able to understand to each other with this barrier? How one understands certain issues is not only dictated by his intellect but also the environment from which he or she grew up. There a lot of claims either party express regarding the immigration issue.

However, a lot of misunderstandings also occur. Perhaps, when a unified meaning is established, less troubles would occur. In conclusion, illegal immigrants shall remain such, until they have countered the arguments above. Although there are those who mentioned that illegal immigrants are also giving America certain benefits, it cannot be denied that they are doing more harm than good. To reiterate, they are criminals without genuine papers to attest their citizenship. They batter the welfare and health systems of the country. They demand the American rights they do not deserve.

If they were hard working immigrants, with the required papers, and eager to learn English, there would have been less problems. Immigrants are acceptable, but they should be in America through legal transactions.


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