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IM And iWorld

Modern communication has been revolutionized through the introduction of the Internet systems in the society. THE Internet certainly has potential for educational use and day-to-day communication. Yet, stripped of its high-tech gloss, the Internet is beset with some of the same problems that have long afflicted television, telephones, newspapers, and libraries. Thus, an appropriate question may be, “is the content of the Internet suitable for my family and me? ” Numerous reports have commented on the availability of pornographic material on the Internet.

Does this suggest, though, that the Internet is merely a cesspool full of sexually perverted deviants? Some contend that this is a gross exaggeration. They argue that one must make a conscious and deliberate effort to locate objectionable material. It is true that one must make an intentional effort to find unwholesome material, but others argue that it can be located with much greater ease on the Internet than elsewhere. With a few keystrokes, a user can locate erotic material, such as sexually explicit photos including audio and video clips.

Some of the materials and many of the services found on the Internet have educational value and can serve a useful purpose. Growing numbers of corporations are storing internal documentation on their internal networks, or intranets. Emerging Internet-based video and audio conferencing have the potential for permanently changing our travel and business-meeting patterns. Companies use the Internet to distribute their computer software, thus reducing costs.

Many services that currently use personnel to handle business transactions, such as travel and stock-brokerage services, will likely be affected as users of the Internet are empowered to handle some or all of their own arrangements. Yes, the effect of the Internet has been profound, and it will likely continue as an important medium for sharing information, conducting business, and communicating. Like most tools, the Internet has beneficial uses. Yet, there exists the potential for misuse. Some may choose to explore the positive aspects of the Internet further, while others may not

Using the Internet can be like traveling to a new country, with many new things to see and hear. Travel requires that you display good manners and take sensible precautions. No less is needed if you should decide to get on the Internet—the information superhighway. The Need for Courtesy and Caution According to Conor Boyland, author of the article “CONFESSIONS OF AN INSTANT MESSENGER”, instant messaging has actually hooked him so much in the process thus making him less productive during his college years.

He further points out in his article that utilizing the internet has caused many students and other users to loose so much of their time that were supposed to be spent in other more important things. He further notes: “I was sitting at my computer, and I realized something: I spend way too much time sitting at my computer. Granted, Im a college student, and my options on where to sit in my room are limited, but that just makes it easier to justify the time I waste every day online, mostly instant messaging. Admit it, you do it too.

We all do, to different degrees. Its just one of the most commonly accepted things to do when you have a computer; `I think, therefore IM. `” (2005, 1) From this particular line, it could be observed that he himself admitted that the internet systems appear as a huge snare to those who have an access to it. Likely though, because of the many uses of the supposed source of information, many are trying to justify their addiction to the internet as a mere addiction to new informations that appear to be most vital to the progress of their lives.

Undoubtedly though, these people who are most likely having the hard time accepting the fact are the ones who are largely involves within the said addiction. Being hooked with such procedure of communication has indeed caused many to loose the time of their lives to less important things. Considerably, the manner of connecting with other people has been changed and the nature of social identity and social involvement has also radically managed to adjust to the world of high tech communication.

As Andrew Sullivan noted in his article “SOCIETY IS DEAD: WE HAVE RETREATED INTO THE iWORLD”, the world today is covered by people who are more connected with the iworld than with the actual world of people and are thus loosing the interaction that they are supposed to enjoy with others in the society. Moreover, he gives out a point that shows the reality behind the growing dilemma that expands in the society today. As he further stated: “We become masters of our own interests, more connected to people like us over the internet, more instantly in touch with anything we want, need or think we want and think we need.

Ever tried a Stairmaster in silence? But what are we missing? That hilarious shard of an overheard conversation that stays with you all day; the child whose chatter on the pavement takes you back to your early memories; birdsong; weather; accents; the laughter of others. And those thoughts that come not by filling your head with selected diversion, but by allowing your mind to wander aimlessly through the regular background noise of human and mechanical life. ”

True, with the undoubted connection that we have with the iworld, as it serves the best concerns that we have in our life, it is undeniable too that we are already loosing the real essence of human living. Thus, to have better social acquaintances that would help one grow towards a more progressive individual, one must keep the balance between his use of the iworld and the relation that he has with the real world today. Here are some of the things that should be considered well in setting up that certain balance in dealing with technology and the real world of the human society today. Courtesy

Learn the rules of courtesy and protocol. Most Internet service providers publish thoughtful and acceptable guidelines for conduct. Other users will appreciate one’s sensitivity and good manners. Caution Some discussion groups debate religious or controversial matters. Be careful about posting comments to such discussions; likely your E-mail address and name will be broadcast to all in the group. This often results in time-consuming and unwanted correspondence. Indeed, there are some newsgroups that are unfit to read, let alone interact with. This may present greater problems and dangers than initially expected.

For example, individuals with ulterior motives have been known to misrepresent themselves on the Internet. Currently, the Internet itself does not enable individuals appearing on it to confirm identities. Furthermore, such a group can be compared in some ways to a large, ongoing social gathering, taxing the time and ability of its host to provide necessary and responsible supervision. In this 20th century, life has progressively become more complicated. Inventions that have worked to the advantage of some have often turned out to be time wasters for many.

Further, immoral and violent TV programs, pornographic books, degrading music recordings, and the like are examples of technologies that have been misused. They not only eat up precious time but also damage people spiritually. There are large numbers of interesting subjects and countless new things to discover. In effect, the Internet is a vast collection of libraries with visually appealing documents. Navigating through just a fraction of it can easily whittle away most of the evening hours before you even think of sleep. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all Web navigators lack control.

However, it would be wise to place time and content restraints on Web surfing—especially for youngsters. Many families do the same with television. This will protect time set aside for family and spiritual activities. In time, Internet technology will be more fully deployed in developing areas of the world. However, recall the people mentioned at the beginning of the first article. Most of the information they obtained could have been acquired by using libraries, telephones, conventional mail, or newspapers. Of course, some of these methods may involve more time and expense.

Still, for the majority of people throughout the earth, these more traditional methods will likely continue for a time to be the primary means of communication. Other Dangers of Internet Communication Procedures INTERNET dating continues to grow in popularity worldwide. As the preceding article in this series discussed, Internet romances may blossom quickly, but they often wither when reality sets in. Still, there is a greater cause for concern than mere disappointment. Not surprisingly, a common practice among those seeking romance on the Internet is to exaggerate or invent good traits and to minimize or conceal serious faults.

Further, The Washington Post quoted an author as saying: “Internet dating can be bad because people get deceived. ” It adds: “People often switch sexes. . . . Income levels, . . . race, criminal records, mental health histories and marital status often remain secret long into relationships. ” To warn others, many people have reported painful experiences of being misled by Internet dates. Will people lie about something as important as their own spiritual side? Sadly, yes—some claim to be true Christians when they are not. Why all the deception? Again, one factor is that the Internet makes it easy.

A young man from Ireland named Sean admits: “It’s very easy to pretend to be something you’re not when you’re typing onto a computer screen. ” Many people take all this deception lightly, rationalizing that it is only natural to lie a little bit when embarking on a romance. Sadly, some young people have fallen into another sort of dishonesty. They have pursued relationships using the Internet and have hidden the fact from their parents. References: Conor Boyland. CONFESSIONS OF AN INSTANT MESSENGER. Andrew Sullivan. SOCIETY IS DEAD: WE HAVE RETREATED INTO THE iWORLD.

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