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Immigrant Workers

In America today, the rate at which immigrants are trouping into the country is quite alarming. Statistics has shown that the population of America increases by an estimate of 2. 5 million annually and as part of this, about 800 000 are immigrants – both legal and illegal. These immigrants who come from different parts of the world come to America in search of a greener pasture. They come to America with high hopes and expectations but the question here is how are they viewed by Americans?

Today, taking a peep outside the car window, one will see these immigrants all around. They take jobs that we consider menial and oftentimes they do more than a job per day. On the average, an immigrant engages in backbreaking jobs for about 16-18 hours in a day. This is informed by the fact that they have to foot a lot of bill and pay taxes to the government. Personally, I grew up with an immigrant being my nanny and our maid was also a Mexican immigrant.

Perhaps this has influenced my perspective of immigrant generally. While I was growing up, my father frowned at any form of disrespect towards people that were not as privileged as we are. As I grew up, I naturally tended to respect these immigrants. I am of the opinion that because the clean our cities and attend to our daily need does not mean they are inferior to us. In my own opinion, we are just lucky to be in the position we are and we should not because of this disrespect them.

America has been described as “God’s own country”. However, this acronym becomes questionable when we restrict some certain privileges for these immigrants. If we claim that the days of slavery and racism are gone then I believe we should not deny these immigrants some basic amenities. To begin with, these immigrants contribute to the development of our country and pay taxes so I believe they are entitled to basic medical care and social benefits in the country.

As observed by Eduardo porter in his book titled “Illegal Immigrants are Bolstering Social Security with Billions”, these immigrants pay taxes to the American government and so they should be given basic medical support. In conclusion, I believe all men are equal and therefore should enjoy equal opportunities.


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