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Importance of voting

Voting has always been a means of expressing what we want from the government. The numbers of registered voters who voted are shown in voting turnouts. Voting turnouts in America has been an alarming state. During the 2004 Federal elections, the voter turnouts were 55. 3%. It clearly shows that 44. 7% of American voters either are apathetic towards affairs regarding the government or is not knowledgeable of the importance and the value of voting.

Voting is important, 1st because it is our right as a citizen to have a chance to vote for whoever we want to, 2nd because it is our privilege to decide who will handle the country, who handles the tax that you pay, and for what they will spend it with, and 3rd because it is our responsibility as a citizen of a democratic country to choose our leader. It is our right to vote. Voting is like our right to food, shelter education etc. we have the right to choose who we want to handle the government for us, who handles our taxes for us, and who makes the laws that we follow.

At the moment we reach the right age, these rights will be then entitled to us. There are laws that protect our right to vote. But there are also laws that take these rights away from you. If you committed a crime and are imprisoned these rights will be taken from you. This is the scenario in almost all states in America except Maine and Vermont. Some people are complaining regarding this issue. They are complaining because most of the people who do not have the right to vote before are already given the rights, but the prisoners still are forbidden to vote.

It is our privilege to vote, because our leaders have to have something for us in order for us to choose him/her as our leader. He/She must posses certain qualities in order for him/her to win our voter to his/her side. We can choose from the list of candidates which one is most suited to be a leader, which candidate can make the nation progress. In a way we have a contribution to what ever happens to our country’s future. It is also a privilege because in the past, the blacks cannot vote because they were slaves then. A lot of people worked hard to pass a law in the congress just to make the blacks have the right to vote.

There was also a time in American history when you have to be 21 years in order to vote. It also took a painstaking process just to bring the voters age down to 18 in order to vote. All of these actions and hard work done just to make sure people can vote make’s voting a privilege. As a citizen of a democratic country, we cannot let all the decisions be made by our leaders alone. Democracy means “government by the people”. If we leave the decision making to our leaders alone, then we should just change our form of government to Monarchy or Aristocracy.

It is our responsibility as a citizen of a democratic system to ensure that democracy stays, unless we want some other form of government. It is our responsibility to vote to ensure that power stays in the voters and not in the one who is voted. It is our responsibility to choose the best leader of the country, for if a corrupt government official is seated in position, then it would be our fault as voters. Voting has always been important in a democratic government. It is the backbone of the democratic government. It has always been a goal of every government to increase voter turnouts.

For voter turnouts shows the number of people who wants to be involved government making decisions. It is a must that more people become involved with the government. In order to maintain a democratic state, we must increase voter turnouts and we must reduce the number of people who are apathetic towards the government. Thus it is clearly needed to emphasize to people that voting is their right, privilege and responsibility as a citizen.


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