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Important to Military Institution

The call for war is unpredictable. A country can never know with certainty when it is necessary to call it soldiers to fight and take on the enemy; to fight to the death if necessary in order to protect its citizens’ lives and property. Hence, it is necessary that even at peaceful times when the call of war is not yet impending, it has always been necessary for countries to have strong and well-defined military cultures built upon ancient traditions and respect for history.

The citizens of the state should be grounded and must share a common linkage to the country, develop a sense of nationalism and patriotism with a common view and sentiment that citizen has the primordial and uniform duty to protect and defend. This is how military institution should be founded and established on this common sense of history and patriotism. This will create a common goal and vision in the military and individual soldiers’ pursuit in every battle.

Military institutions should not be allowed to be dissipated into an unhealthy state, such as individual soldiers allowed having an individualistic mindset and perspective. This will bring devastating effects upon their operations and undertakings in battle, posing serious danger in the nations’ security if not corrected and checked. To develop such military practice and tradition, even a financial reward would not be sufficient to establish and instill such common practice.

Some traditional technique and strategy such as developing the citizens and individual soldiers deep sense of nationalism and patriotism, inculcating the same to the very culture, would help the military and the warriors to help each other and move in unity and solidarity, to go into battle and to fight valiantly for his homeland. In the United States of today, there is a growing sense of volunteerism in the Armed Forces to protect the interest and protection of the country from the threat of invasion, terrorism, and unlawful aggression.

It seems that, more than ever, the military culture that of defending for the cause of nationalism and patriotism should be upheld, developed and respected. Such culture should be protected so as not to deteriorate and undermined by the rapid movement of cultures and civilization. Those who attempt belittle it, or try to undermine it, or try to merge it into the more modern civilian culture, or attempt to destroy it in various ways, simply entail harm not just to the military, but to all citizens of the United States of America. The military people displayed an utmost sense of satisfaction to their duty.

What they like about their careers, and what they mostly enjoy are their opportunities to lead, to work and train with other soldiers, the military camaraderie and the opportunities to be patriotic. Military people basically enjoy the “esprit de corps” that comes from working on a team, the sense of accomplishment for jobs well done and the pride and prestige that comes from just being soldiers, representing and fighting for their beloved homeland. These opportunities can only be found with such military lifestyle embedded on the soldier’s sense of nationalism and patriotism.

No other job can offer them, nor does any other job can require such sacrifices of time and separation from home, but still is viewed and considered as such a valuable undertaking and worthy of the sacrifice of one’s lives. At times, a military person may be on operation for several weeks without interruption. Every military person understands that his pay is in no way comparable and valuable to what his job would offer to his own homeland and for his own people. The sense of nationalism and patriotism among the warriors in the military determines a healthy military culture.

The soldiers’ world is consists of the young and always will be. There is no generation gap regardless of the hierarchy, as all members thereof are moved by one common goal and vision, and are moving in one spirit of camaraderie and brotherhood. Each one has to rely on each other for survival and for the success of their operation. Each one knows exactly where he fits in the grand scheme, and believes that his rank is equally important to that of another, different they may be in terms of functions, but each function are necessarily connected and important to that of another.

There can be no existing gap as he calls tell another soldier’s place by the uniform, rank and medals worn. There is a “warrior spirit” interwoven into the framework of military culture, which is built upon basic moral and institutional values held in common between the warriors. Additionally, the military is rich with old fashioned traditions, such as military unity and camaraderie, passed down through history from soldier to soldier, as civilians bequeath treasures from father to son. Rather than having an occupation, a soldier feels part of an institution that is far greater than himself.

Perhaps there is no organization in the world that is as disciplined, motivated and sophisticated as the United States military. Divided into different service groups, namely, the army, the air force and the navy, this organization consists of the best trained men and women. Not only are these individuals trained to fight and defend their nation’s freedom, they are also taught to serve and answer the call of duty during disaster and rescue operations. They represent a new breed of talented people whose flexibility can be mobilized at any given time and place in accordance with a clear and specific objective.

The United States army is a bunch of people who can be assigned to restore order in Darfur today, and can be seen fighting California wild fires the next. These individuals comprise a team that will do anything to get the job done. “For the Army to accomplish its mission–whether in a combat zone or garrison environment–we must all embrace the concept that we have an opportunity” (http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m0OXU/is_5_60/ai_n13788010). The most common stories that people everywhere often hear about the U. S.

army are based solely on the news headlines which banners their roles in military operations. The only problem is, only the operational status is being tackled. Issues with regards to the soldiers’ personality and character are seldom raised and only the atrocities in relation to war usually surfaces. But there is more to the lives of the soldiers than just fighting battles. They are just ordinary people like the rest of those who watch them on national television. Their roles and functions are what make them different from the crowd.

With the threat of a nuclear war simmering down and the arms race in check, the army is redefining its role nationally and internationally. But the organization still has to recruit a number of people to fill in the different rising needs of the country. The young population of today is attracted, not by the advertisements posted on the side but by the challenges being offered by the army in particular, and the military in general. After high school, numerous young men get an application and join the army. Even individuals armed with college degrees are deciding to head straight to the service.

The military environment is a good place to start for idealistic and independent people. The United States army has imposed standards to make this branch of service be the best in the world. However, the organization is also taking chances on persons with different backgrounds and personalities that have shown a degree of unrecognized potential. This is where this service becomes different from other groups or agencies. Once inside the military barracks, drafted individuals are molded into the kind of person the army wants its cadets to be, disciplined, courageous, brave, respectful, obedient and smart.

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