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Improving English Pronunciation

I was reading a story for 15 minutes when I decided to record my voice in order to help improve my English pronunciation. My doing a voice recording of myself while I read out loud has helped me identify and realize which words I was mispronouncing. In an effort to become better at speaking English, I’ve also had my husband correct me whenever I pronounce words incorrectly. In addition to this, I decided to use the audio book, American Pronunciation to help myself reduce my accent and improve my skills in proper English pronunciation in private.

As a non-native speaker of English, I noticed that I tended to carry over the intonation and phonemic inventory from my mother tongue into my English speech. Indeed, the voice has a very significant role in phonemic improvement as well as eliminating improper intonation and articulation. Listening to myself helped me enjoy what I was hearing. It also assisted me in understanding what I was saying and enabled me to react better to what I’ve just said.

Listening to myself, as I spoke out loud, as well as listening to my voice recording, also played a vital role in generally improving my vocalizations. Now I understand that vocal faults may be eliminated if learners can hear their own voices as others hear it. As we become consciously aware of our errors in articulation, we will be able to do something to correct them. It is only when we hear our errors objectively and admit to their presence that we will be able to make desired changes.

Going through an intensive program such as mine will allow us to recognize, isolate, identify and describe the component elements of voices of others as well as our own. Once this is done, learners like me will be prepared to correct errors more readily and develop a pleasant and suitable speaking voice. And with more practice, we will be able to incorporate the new patterns into our speech with little or no conscious effort.

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