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Incident Command System

The 9-11 was an attack that took place in the U. S. A where nineteen terrorist attacked and hijacked four planes taking them hostage. Two of these planes crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, with each plane to each tower. The result of this was that there were other buildings that were affected by the debris from these two buildings. The third plane crashed into Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia near Washington D. C. The fourth one crashed in Sharksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

The first plane crashed in the 94 – 98th floors and the second one crashed into 78 – 85th floor. The four commercial airliners contained approximately 91,000 liters of jet fuel. The large amount of fuel may have influenced the amount of burning and it also catalyzed it. The southern tower (2 WTC) fell after the fire which took about 56 minutes. This fire was caused by the impact of the plane. The north tower burned for about 102 minutes (1 WTC) before it collapsed. A third building 7 World Trade Center (7 WTC) collapsed as a result of debris damage from 1 WTC and subsequent fire. (Marshall, 2005)

New York firefighters were deployed to the world Trade Center within minutes after the North Tower was struck. The chief Officers set up a command center in the lobby and the firefighters climbed the stairs. Another mobile center was set at Vesey Street but it was destroyed after the building collapsed on it. A command post was set in Greenwich Village. A total of 200 units of FDNY were deployed with 400 firefighters on the scene when the building collapsed. They were also supplemented by off duty officers. Many volunteers traveled long distances to come and aid the firefighters.

There were also NYPD helicopters that monitored the situations from above. When information was received that the building was going to collapse information was sent out. The firefighters inside the building were not able to hear the evacuation orders and most of them were killed and others were trapped. Also the communication between the NYPD helicopters with the Commanders was not possible because of the repeater systems in the towers. A total of 343 FDNY and parametric died and others were injured. The remaining firefighters and those who survived continued to work alternating within 24 hours shift.

(Marshall, 2005) It took many weeks to confirm that there were no more survivors. The rescue team continued and the firefighters continued to fight the fire, there were still smoldering even after 99 days. It took till the month of May 2002 for the clearing to be completed. After the death of their friends they didn’t loose hope but worked harder. By early September, 2003 about 2833 applicants received compensation for their families and also relief assistance. A fund was developed and most of these families were compensated. Incident Command System (ICS)

The U. S. president directed the Homeland Security to develop a system to control fires and other domestic incidents. This was so, since there were frequent misunderstandings. This made it possible for the government agencies to work effectively and efficiently to prevent and respond to any such incident. (Marshall, 2005) They then developed the (ICS), Incident Command System which integrates personnel, procedures, communications, equipments and also operate in a common structure. This is done through five major areas: operations, command, planning, logistics and finance. (Marshall, 2005)

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