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Information consists

“Our CRM is extremely robust, extremely affordable, and furthermore, it is designed to allow collaboration throughout entire organization – not just amongst the sales group” (Cohen). Infostreet announced its launching of a new version of CRM application, it is widely regarded as SaaS pioneer and creator of StreetSmart (a business productivity software). Sales and Marketing Management stated that its CRM application targets small businesses to help sales professionals track customers and prospects.

Director of National accounts of Infostreet, Conrad said that optional add-on to StreetSmart was created in direct response to feedback received from clients who wanted CRM, which are not pricey and overly complex (Cohen). Easy accessibility from any web browser, integration with other StreetSmart applications, collection and storage of client and customer information, and information sharing with other co-workers are the key features of CRM application. This article relates to CRM applications as discussed in Chapter 8 in Customer Relationship Management Systems.

CRM involves all facets of interaction a company has with its customer, whether it be of service or sales related. This application should evaluate & illustrate comprehensive view of customer’s behavior patterns, previous & current transaction to salespeople in order to recommend the best possible solution to the customer. Complete Focus & attention to every customer needs is fundamental to gain loyalty & trust (crmmantra. com). Total service is essential in order to drive up sales.

The CRM application is considerably a dramatic improvement in communication that is developed within the organization since it uses all possible channels of interaction and feedback between customers and salespeople. CRM applications can enable effective Customer Relationship Management, provided that an enterprise has the right leadership and strategy.

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