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Information Technology

Information technology department is the main hub for the bank through which all the departments collate/process their daily transactions supported by reports. These reports produced by the IT Department via its main servers as a result of input by the various departments are of immense significance from view of internal and external usage/utility. Therefore, where information system controls are inevitable to ensure that all such output by the system is error free, certain administrative standard procedures are essential as well to avoid any risk prone operations.

Staff on a systematic and planned basis. 2. Ensure optimum control and security of data. 3. Define requirements for changing or developing system. 4. Develop and enforce the procedural standards. 5. Developing standards and procedures that will ensure the safety, security of hardware and software. 6. Developing standards for designing, implementing, testing and documenting systems. 7. Developing and controlling I. T. budget as per management’s computerization plan. 8. Communicate changes in procedures, hardware and software to department ` managers and effected users. 9. Development of new banking products at country level.

10. To lead a team of Analyst / Programmers to accomplish development/upgrade tasks. 11. To evaluate and enhance current banking applications based on user’s new requirements. General and application controls Following control procedures will help improve the overall level of internal control while using the computers in the Bank. The management shall formulate guidelines from time to time prescribing and enforcing policies for control and use of computers. These may include following: • Instructions as to the use of computers; • Training requirements and programs; • Authorization for access to programs and data;

• Policies to prevent unauthorized copying of programs and data; • Security, back-up and storage requirements; • Application development and documentation standards; • Standards of report format and report distribution controls; • Personal usage policies; • Data integrity standards; • Responsibility for programs, data and error correction; and • Appropriate segregation of duties. HARDWARE INVENTORY HSBC Bank has a large inventory of computer hardware which includes PCs with different configuration, SUN severs, dot matrix printers, laser printer, ink jet printers, line printers, UPS, Stabilizer, etc.

These equipments are installed at all HSBC Branches, Regional Offices and Principal Office. Inventory is maintained, at I. T. HO – all movement of computer hardware. Classification of Hardware Hardware is divided into different categories, i. e. PC, PC server, SUN serve, printers, etc. Each category has a separate code and within a category further subdivision for different brands and configuration. Full inventory of computer hardware including values is being maintained by Accounts Department under fixed assets. Classification of Vendor

Vendors are identified and coded according to the types of hardware supplied by the vendor. The I. T. Manager will be responsible to prepare a list of leading vendors which will be approved by the Head of I. T. Branch Code Location of hardware is identified with the branch. Existing branch codes are used as hardware location code. User Department Hardware installed in a department is likewise identified.


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