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Internet Radio as Educational Tool

The rapid advancement in the field of science and technology brought us various tools and gadgets that are truly beneficial in today’s modern society. One of the most efficient inventions in the society is the inception of computers and the internet. These two inventions brought convenience and benefits on the society. Computers have many uses in the various fields in the society, especially in education. The computers and the internet have serve many purpose in our educational process.

It is now easy to do research assignments through the internet and there are also online classes that is more convenient for home schooling and distant learning students. The computers are attached with many features that may help in the education of the students. Internet radio is one of the technologies present in the world wide web. It is the technology that enables people to listen on audio broadcast over the internet. The audio broadcasts can be streamed and played through a software media player in the computer or through the built in software on the internet radio.

Now, there are more than 10,000 audio broadcasts that come from various organizations (Ziff Davis Publishing Holdings Inc. , 2009). It is important to maximize the benefits and advantages of the current technology and to utilize the technology to improve the services and education standards of a particular school. In the recent years, internet radio has been widely available and accessible for every average internet user through podcasting technology.

Internet radio can be used as a teaching and learning tool and develops the integration of new IT technologies in the schools to prepare them for the demand on the skill (CEU Kolding – Center for Business and Training, 2008). The internet can also help the school in various ways. It can be a new vehicle for the school in publicizing the school in the local community. The school can also encourage the students and their parents to enroll since it is well-publicized, advertising the good qualities of the school as well as the facilities and the different encouraged activities in the school.

Most schools have a website where students and their parents can find basic information about the school. Others offer distant learning classes for students who are unable to go to school. Others have digital curriculum wherein students and parents can find out how comprehensive is the curriculum of a particular school. All these technologies can be supplemented by the school’s own internet radio station. The internet radio station of a school will serve as the mouthpiece for the school announcing important aspects of the school. It will also make a good outlet for the students to run some shows over the internet radio.

This will also hone students public speaking skills and it can be a form of recreation for them. The school may also run programs discussing issues that concerns the school, students and parents. Issues may be discussed incorporated with experts’ opinion and view and perspectives of parents and students. This will attract more students and parents knowing that the school cares about the various issues concerning the students and their behavior and activities. This will also help parents learn more about certain issues that they may find confusing.

This process will strengthen the relationship of the various stakeholders in the school. The influx of technology in the society is truly beneficial, especially in the field of education as it improves the learning and teaching skills. The inception of internet radio in our school community may bring advantages to the school, parents and students. It will be an addition to the various IT technologies employed by the school to dessiminate vital information to parents and students as well as to further strengthen the existing relationship of parents, students and teachers.


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